Images of Heaven Took Me to Hell

Another great song, that brings up so many wonderful times that almost always ended in tears!

Peter Godwin 1982 Album Cover

Peter Godwin 1982 Album Cover

A lot of tears!! Ok enough reminiscing about Shirley & Laurel

Nothing is sacred – so give me your soul my love
Nothing is wasted on someone like you
Somebody killed me – they tore out my heart my love
Somebody filled me with photos of you
And there’s nothing I can do – the media made you
There’s nothing I can do – cause you don’t exist – you don’t exist
Just images of heaven that take me to hell
Images of heaven – or something for sale
Oh images of heaven – images of heaven

Performed and Written my Peter Godwin 1982

Today is my last day of driving 220 miles back and forth between Savannah, Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina.  This drive gives me all this time to reflect and think.  Too much time, but I’ll be back to the normal routine on Saturday, as Dauntless and I head north.

I had thought I had found an inexpensive slip at Tom’s River, NJ, but because it’s already late spring, I may have to find an alternative.  The weather looks iffy for Saturday to travel on the outside, though it will be improving.  We’ll see.

I also thought I had a couple that wanted to accompany me, but that didn’t work out, so it’s me single handing again.  Hey, at least it keeps my mind occupied and I don’t have the time to “What if” myself to death and then bore you with the gory details.

Oh, there are no gory details.  OK Let’s back slowly away and no one will get hurt.

A few thoughts on the last 2 weeks:

  • Sea School has been great.  The instruction outstanding and effective. Over the years, I have sat though countless adult learning classes and most of the time, one is grateful that they disarmed you at the door, because otherwise these types of classes are so boring, someone is bound to go Postal. But the Sea School turned out to be totally different in always good.  Probably much of it was the instructor, a 40 year tug captain who actually knows how to teach (which means his students learn).
  • I passed all of the written tests yesterday, including a very hard rules of the road (in which you must get >90%).  But honestly I learned a lot of stuff that I should know.
  • The contrast between the two cities, Savannah and Charleston is like night and day.  Savannah is a gorgeous town, full of old moss-covered, shaggy trees (I don’t know if it’s actually moss, but we northerners know what I’m describing).
    Shaggy Trees in Savannah

    Shaggy Trees in Savannah

    Savannah seems also very diverse. Charlestown on the other hand has a vibe of, if it was up to us, we’d still be a slave state.  Even the Costco in Charleston has a very strange un-Costco like vibe.

  • I didn’t mind the drive.  Check out the pictures I posted on SmugMug, It did give me time to think, far more so than on Dauntless, since driving is a more automatic function. Though as you can tell from some of these posts, sometimes I reflect too much and end up having regrets that really don’t exist. But my friends and relationships are my raison d’être and I can not even dislike someone I once loved.  Which actually serves me well, as i quickly forget past injustices, which I believe helps reduce my stress.
  • I got to talk to some friends who I havent talked to in a while, like my oldest friend from the UW, we met in Lander Hall in 1969.  Though that does make me wonder why I have far more long-lasting friends in Europe than the U.S.

OK, enough of this, I listen to different music on Dauntless, pretty much only classical.  It puts me in a different state of mine, one I think that is closer to nature.  That’s why I love the sea.  So, probably the next extensive writing about cars and driving will be next winter as I drive from Holland to Italy.  Now, that will be fun, listening to It’s Too Late by Jim Carroll, will have that car dancing on the edge.

I just finished putting the groceries away.  Tomorrow, I will get the boat ready for Action on the North mid-Atlantic on Saturday.  Weather and Sea state will determine route. You can follow me on  search for Dauntless, mmsi 367571090

One final tidbit. I will send this to Our Man in China to get his take. His blog is

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2 thoughts on “Images of Heaven Took Me to Hell

  1. The moss you are talking about is called spanish moss. Last year a taxidriver told us about it.

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