Losing More than Money in Atlantic City

Special People

Friends and relationships are really important to me, and I don’t like losing them.  As much as I love Dauntless, I think I may have lost a friend who can’t deal with the idea of me leaving to travel the world.  Being in Atlantic City reminds me not of the usual A.C. loss of money, but loss of a friend.

And that’s the one thing I did not anticipate about this boat life:  I really miss some of my friends in NYC.  I’ve never had a lot of friends, but have always had some very close ones and most of them are in the Netherlands, Germany and Italy.  But these past few years in NYC, I became close to a couple of people who really helped me in so many ways, and I really miss their friendship and support.  They helped me put life in perspective and made my life richer.

I have always valued relationships more than anything else, certainly more than money.  Even when I had little money, what little I had I spent to travel to maintain those relationships.

So to lose a close friend, is a really sad event for me.  I just hope that it’s not a permanent loss.

2 thoughts on “Losing More than Money in Atlantic City

  1. You have spent a lot of time on the ocean, but then again, you haven’t been on the ocean for very long at all–probably less than a tour of duty, for example. Well, life is long for a reason. For many good reasons.
    A few days on the ocean must pass like several weeks in a town or city, bringing better moments that produce new beauty and new gratitude. Then there are mental and physical challenges, I guess, along with many stories known only to those who travel on oceans.
    Admiral Nelson described oceans no better than “Jaws” did.
    Whenever you get around to it, cross the Atlantic a few times in a boat, not an airplane.

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