Sirens Call

Dauntless in Waterford, Ireland November 2014

While I’m cooling my heel in Vietnam; a great place to do so, while Dauntless waits for better weather to head north this coming summer and fall, I seem to hear the sirens calling.

The problem is, after having moved south and west for the last 12 months and 7,000 miles, passing west thru the Panama Canal and up the west coast of Central America, with Alaska, the Aleutians, Japan, Korea and Taiwan in our sights, the Sirens are calling be back with a distinct Irish brogue.

Your thinking WTF, what the F do you think I’m feeling???

I’m the one who put in the miles, the time, the big ass seas and certainly the money to get where we are.

Yet, I can’t watch a Harry Potter movie, an episode of Borderland, the Fall and certainly Jack Taylor, without missing Northern Europe, Scotland and Ireland.  For my tastes, certainly the best cruising since leaving New England.

Is it nostalgia?

Or just the realization that in my last 20,000 miles of cruising, the longest lasting relationships (excluding Krogenites, of course) have come from the Baltic and the Celtic areas of Galicia, Ireland and Scotland.


Coincidence? or the Sirens?

I have a tendency to think it’s the latter.  What else could explain my obsession with Europe, while I still have Asia and a few more oceans to cross at best??

So where do we go from here? I’ll do what I do best, think and plan.

Stay tuned.


6 thoughts on “Sirens Call

  1. We hear the call to return to Ireland as well. 🙂 Tis a strong call.

    I am now reading three Irish newspapers plus some Irish websites. 🙂 Somehow, I have found out that the quay Dauntless tied up to in Arklow is near a boat builder that has been building boats since the 1860s. I wonder if this is the same people who built a certain wood fishing trawler tied up in New Ross? Back in the early 1980’s they built a wood sailing ship used to train young Irish sailors. Beautiful work they did but the ship sank in the Key of Biscay in 2008 after hitting something in the water. Shipping container?

    The crew of Dirona is now in Dublin and it is killing us thinking about the places we saw and missed. We walked by Saint Patrick’s but did not have time to go in since we were on a mission to find St Valentine’s bones in another church. We walked down a close and saw a simple little sign that said Marsh Library. Found out from reading the Irish papers that the library was opened up in 1701 or there abouts. The sign made me stop and wonder what was in the library but we were on a mission to find St Valentine’s bones, which we did, but I really wish we had gone into the library. The photos I have seen look like the library in the Harry Potter movies. 🙂

    Seeing the tracks Dirona crew is leaving around Dublin is killing us. They are walking where we walked, and worse, places we wanted to walk! 🙂

    This guy we know went on and on about the Irish being so welcoming, nice, and friendly. If anything, he was wrong since they were far more welcoming, nice and friendly than even he said. Hard to believe but true. 🙂

    Ireland has a strong, strong call but there is more of the world to see. One can eventually return to Ireland. 🙂


    • And now being an ocean plus away, having stopped in 100 places since, the call only gets stronger.
      But I have so many people and places still to see before the return.
      Maybe the ice will melt faster in the Arctic.

  2. My matriarchal family is Scottish and I long to visit one day. Our Kadey is strong and true but her endurance exceeds mine ! When next I walk those beautiful isles my mode of travel will be in the clouds.

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