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Bio: I’m an eclectic person, who grew up in New York, lived overseas for many years and now have a boat, Dauntless, a 42 foot Kadey Krogen trawler yacht.

Art Kadey and James Krogen founded Kadey Krogen in the 70’s with the aim to build yachts that could go around the world, with the range, efficiency and design that enabled them to cross oceans with a reasonable amount of fuel.

Dauntless enables me to not only live in many different parts of the world, but to do it in a way that is interesting, affordable, with the added spice of a challenge.

Dauntless also allows me to be in touch with nature. As the boat glides through the ocean, you have a sense of being part of a living organism. When dolphins come to frolic, they stay longer if you are out there talking to them, watching them. Birds come by, sometimes looking for a handout; sometimes grateful to find a respite from their long journey.

I grew up on the New York waterfront, in the West Village, when everything west of Hudson St. was related to shipping and cargo from around the world. For a kid, it was an exciting place of warehouses, trucks, and working boats of all kinds: tugs and the barges and ships, cargo and passenger, they were pushing around.

My father was an electrical engineer, my mother an intellectual, I fell in between. I have always been attracted to Earth’s natural processes, the physical sciences, and I became a Meteorologist. After my career in meteorology, my natural interest in earth sciences: geology, astronomy, geography, earth history, made it a natural for me to become a science teacher in New York City, when I moved back to the Big Apple.

Teaching led to becoming a high school principal to have the power to truly help kids learn and to be successful not only in school but in life.

Dauntless is in western Europe now. This summer I will be wrapping up the last two years in Europe, heading south to Spain & Portugal and preparing to cross the Atlantic this coming winter. Then it’s off the Pacific and Asia, starting in Alaska, then Northeast Asia, Japan and South Korea, where we will settle for a bit.

But now, my future lies not in NY or even Europe, but back to the water, where at night, when the winds die down, there is no noise, only the silence of the universe. I feel like I am at home, finally.



21 thoughts on “About Me & D”

  1. Richard- Lots of nice photos and I just wanted to tell you that it’s 8 degrees here in Bath, Maine this morning! Enjoy yourselves. Your friend, George Driscoll.

  2. Richard. Fascinating life story and a great blog subject for me to follow. Regards from Thom at the immortal jukebox (plugged in now).

  3. awesome Richard to read your articles on your wonderful travels. how exciting!! you’ve been places I’ve surely not heard of before :0) … perhaps one day (at retirement age) we can join you on a jaunt somewhere we’ve never been. we will continue to watch for your posts to enjoy your adventures. stay well. from your friends here @Dave’s Garage in N Berwick ME 🙂 Susan & Dave

  4. Hi,
    Your boat is actually in front of my house, at Portzic.
    Best wishes for the future.


  5. Hi Richard.Glad to see your still smiling! We circumnavigated Ireland and Kalinka1 is back in the New Ross Boatyard for the winter. No firm plans for next year yet. What are your plans? Noel and Sally.

  6. I am enthrawled with your story, I just read in PMY, May issue. My story is NOTHING compared to yours. I love the sea and I have not been able to ” live” on it.
    I am very jealous…..Godspeed Mr. Bost !

  7. I’m a fellow Manhattanite as well as a former boater with a 29′ Sea Ray until it was lost to Hurricane Sandy. Just read your interview in Power & Motoryacht as well. Quite fascinating to say the least!!! Wishing you the very best of luck and looking forward to following your journeys.

  8. enjoyed and lived vicariously through your story in PMY , hoping some day that i could get the courage and do the same. via con dio’s

  9. Not sure where you are now, but found your site on line while doing a search on trawler living. From 2000 to 2008 we owned Luna Sea a 37 Irwin sloop/cutter. we Sailed out of SF Ca. in 03, did the Ha ha, stayed down in Mexico cruising then back to SF in 05, then back down to Mexico in 06,07, sold our boat to come take care of a family member and live in AZ. We are now planning on my wife’s retirement and are looking to buy a Trawler down Mexico way. My friend Joel Hoyt in down in Ixtapa,
    Huatulco, actually, he does work on boats and has the green gringo site and raises vegetable fruit with locals help. He and wife are citizens now, they are from Northern Ca. In case you run into them, tell them hi. My question is, what is a good sized trawler to stay around Mexico only. We like to port in San Carlos Mx, from there we would do the usual routes, down into the sea, along mainland as far south as Zihuatanejo. enjoying reading about your life. Thanks Tim

    1. I’m like the last person in the known world to ask.
      I just got to Mexico.

      I would ask in Trawler Forum.
      You’ll get plenty of good answers there.
      I’m in the Marina Chahue.

  10. Hey Ric, Long time no talk to! Still on your crazy adventure. So you. Missed you coming thru Seattle. When will that happen again? Haven’t been to a Korean BBQ since you were last here! It’s time but I can’t go without you! Hope to hear from you. Barb

  11. We acquired our ’83 Kady Krogen Sillhouette 42′, 2 years ago, from NY! You are my hero. It would be mind blowing if we could get her to Ireland, my obsession. Happy to have just found you and will continue to follow. Cheers, from Charleston, SC~ Jen

  12. Hi Richard,
    We wanted to say hello and welcome you to Alaska. We are on a Krogen 48 and heard from friends Tom and Jan on Sun Chaser that you are in the area. We met you several years ago at a Krogen rendezvous on the east coast. We moved our boat to the PNW three years ago. We will be overwintering the boat in Petersburg this winter. It is a wonderful harbor and community if you are looking for somewhere to keep the boat this winter. There are three other Krogens there also. We are out cruising now but will be back to Petersburg Sept 1st . We have stall 45 in the north harbor. We hope our paths cross somewhere on the water . If you have any questions about this area, we will be glad to help. Enjoy SE Alaska!

    Yours truly,
    Jeff and Susie Parker

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