Well my faith has been renewed in the human race or at least my decision making whichever is lessor. We had an uneventful night passage from Lauwersoog in Friesland, the Netherlands to Cuxhaven Germany. Unlike the English Channel, which really whipped my ass, the currents north of the Frisian Islands were as advertised; we gotContinue reading “Deutschland”

Travelers & Just Say Yes

We are in Lemmer this morning.  A town on the Ijsselmeer in the beginning of Friesland, which has a really Dutch flavor. We’ve decided to stay here two nights, and will even move the boat into the inner harbor. I like showing our colors.  The liberalism of my youth was quickly extinguished once I movedContinue reading “Travelers & Just Say Yes”

A Stressful Extraction

Our Gelderland experience is coming to the, we left Arnhem this morning to head north along the Ijssel river. I’m still feeling a bit under the weather and am now thinking maybe it’s related to walking into the pole on Friday.  But we need not go there. This morning, I paid Robert, the owner ofContinue reading “A Stressful Extraction”

Unexpected Noise is Never Good

I am striving to post twice a week.  Sometimes it will be more and sometimes less, but at a minimum I like to have a post out by Saturday morning.  I didn’t make it this week, because I’ve been sick with the flu or something these past few days, having absolutely no energy to doContinue reading “Unexpected Noise is Never Good”

De Echte Bossche Bollen

If you understand that you can not die and go to heaven until you have had an echte Bossche Bol your life will be quite simple. The following was written Thursday morning. It’s 08:00, I’m tied to the wachtplaats, waiting dock, for the Henriette Sluis just on the north side of ‘s-Hertogenbosch.  We have beenContinue reading “De Echte Bossche Bollen”