A Quick Note About My Sidebar

On my home page, under the Follow Me banner, there should be the titles of some of pages that are also in my Dauntless At Sea Blog, but it’s how WordPress organizes things and I have not yet figured out a better way to do it.

So far on these pages, I have included:

Until I come up with a better system or someone tells me how to make it better organized, I will put my most recent post on the very top.  That way if you look at the pages often, you will know right away if something is new.  If you do not, the order really doesn’t matter.

Also, while I can make a link to articles in the Economist, the Wall Street Journal is another story. I must copy text and then email that copy.  So, I do this less than once a week.

I include things I am the most passionate about as a way to lead to more thoughts and better questions.  I am not trying to advocate for certain ideas, as much as I want to bring to light some things that may not get said or questioned enough.

One of my primary themes is “there is no free lunch”.  The more people tell me how great something is, the more skeptical I become.

I’m also skeptical of fake environmentalists.  Those who profess a certain lifestyle, but only insofar as it is convenient to do so.

Today’s article from the Wall Street Journal is about that, the massive bird kill by wind turbines that everyone ignores.  But when you read the accounts of those who service those turbines, the number of dead birds on the ground is horrific.  https://dauntlessatsea.com/tidbits-from-todays-wall-street-journal/

Lastly, if you read the above and think I against wind turbines, you need to read better.  Power from wind is not free.  There is no free lunch.  I at least want people to think about the consequences before implementing the “free lunch solution”.

Richard on Dauntless in Ireland