A New Day Dawns

I love being up before sunrise.   It’s my chance to see the world before it wakes up.

Contrails Just Before Sunrise over Waterford
Contrails Just Before Sunrise over Waterford

Those half dozen contrails are airliners that left the NE U.S. last night.  The groggy passengers just now being woken for their early morning juice and coffee.  As the cabin crew scurries down the aisle, with their drink cart, the smell of freshly warmed bread waifs through the cabin.

Now, the warm rolls are for the Business Class passengers.  One must admire the airlines ingenuity.  Business Class was born when more and more companies in a cost cutting mode back in the early ‘90’s stopped employees flying on company paid travel from flying First Class.

The airlines that scrambled the best and were the most adaptive survived. Since most of their revenues came from those business people flying on someone else’ dime.  Thus, Business Class was born.

I miss the time I was flying on someone else’s money.  But not too much; well truth be told, not at all.  It was only for a short time during the last 30 years, all the rest of the time, money spent on my travel, mostly to Europe to see friends, came out of my pocket and meant that I had to do without something else.

But, in watching those contrails this morning, I also remembered the numerous times I’d be looking out the aircraft window and wishing I was “down there”.

Sunrise over Waterford
Sunrise over Waterford

And that’s pretty much the story of my life, always wishing to be somewhere else.

Dauntless changed everything.  The world now passes by my living room window.  Feeling wistful like a gypsy before; now I am truly a gypsy and loving every minute of it.

Thanks for coming along for the ride.





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