Liverpool, Learning & Life

I’ve been here 5 days, returning to Dauntless tomorrow.  I came to England for a lecture about cruising the Baltic, specifically Poland, this past Friday in London.  This is exactly why we are in Europe.  I get to see new things, renew old friendships and learn new ideas that are promotive of even more learning.

Cows Making a Run for It
Cows Making a Run for It

I love learning; it’s why I loved teaching.  You can’t have one, without the other, in spite of the many who try.

We took a tour of Wales yesterday. My childhood best friend Eve, wanted to find the grave of Jack Black, a slave who was brought to Wales in the 1700’s.  After that, the drive home was interrupted my a cattle stampede, when half a dozen cows decided to make a run for it, instead of crossing the road to the barn.  Anyone who has chased their cat or dog knows the routine: run up road, wait for man to catch up, run up road again, continue until tired.

Today,I had gone to the bookstore this afternoon to try to find a book of the geology of England and Ireland.  I got distracted.  I have not often been in a large book store in Europe in which all the books are in English. A real treat.  So first I got distracted by the book about Steve McQueen, and then on the same table was the Katherine Hepburn book, an hour later I thought I better get cracking and find my geology book. Well, science was next to math and for some reason I just had to pick up the calculus book and refresh my brain about differentials, limits and integrals.  By the time that was over, it was time to leave, so I hastily looked and found nothing having to do with geology.

Lightship at Liverpool Dock
Lightship at Liverpool Dock

The lecture about the Baltic was interesting and I met even more interesting people.  It reinforced my tentative plan and made me more open to also visiting Russia and St. Petersburg.  We’ll see.

A few weeks ago, I was worried about being bored this winter. Now, in the last days, I realize my dance card is getting rapidly filled.  How so?  Plans so far:

  • During the next two weeks on Dauntless, I must:
    • Plan the installation of the Wallas heater
    • String some shore power lights, so D looks more festive and less lonely when I am not there.
    • Figure out my the washer dryer isn’t working
    • Clean and organize the fly bridge, getting the water out of the dingy, so it doesn’t look so derelict
    • Make some tasty soups that I can eat with the Hobbit bread
  • I’ll be in the U.S. form about November 12th thru December 14th, during which time I will:
    • Attend some Univ. of Washington Alumni thing in NYC
    • Spend thanksgiving with Julie’s parents
    • Visit Roger in Ft. Walton Beach, as he was one of my prime communicators for the Passage
    • Visit old friends out west in Denver and Seattle. Like plants, friendships must be nurtured and maintained to thrive.
    • I’ve decided to drive, preferring to spend the money on gas as opposed to airline tickets. It means I will me making the grand tour, NYC to Florida to the Rockies, Pacific Northwest and finally back to NYC.  Driving gives me the opportunity to stop and visit more friends, both new and old.
  • Then when I return to Ireland, I’ll only have a few days before I go to northern Italy to see my friends in Budoia, Pordenone, Friuli and Treviso. Julie will meet me there for her Christmas vacation.
  • When I get back to D in mid-January, I will have to install the Wallas diesel heater and before I know it, it will be time to meet Julie in Spain the middle of February.
  • By early March, I hope to be getting D ready for our spring and summer cruising. Now, all of this is very tentative, but on first blush, this is what we are thinking:
    • Leave Ireland for England and the Channel Islands in April
    • Brittany, Belgium and finally Holland by June
    • Germany, Kiel Canal and Poland in July
    • Poland, the Baltic Republics July and August
    • Finland, Sweden and the Gulf of Bothnia August
    • September??? Probably returning to Poland for winter??

So that’s the rough plan. Clearly the further out the more tentative.  Much of my cruising will depend on visitors, in the sense that I seldom cruise alone.  With Julie only having 3 weeks, I’ll have 9 of 12 summer weeks do something.  So If I have guests, then I will travel; if not, I won’t.

So, as you can see, I seem to have filled much of my time.  There are a number of projects, most revolve around photography, but now who knows how much time I will have.

I’ll publish my cruising plans as they firmer.  Should you have any questions, feel free to email me.