I’m Back

Flying over the Atlantic yesterday, over a similar route that we had taken with Dauntless just months earlier, was a strange experience.  This flight was Europe is one I have taken so many times in the last 15 years.  But this time, instead of returning to my normal life and its incumbent responsibilities, I’m leaving much of that behind. I’m coming home; but not to the burdens of the past: my mother, my school, now it’s more like a vacation.  I get to see friends, write, complete the writing of our Atlantic Passage and organize the pictures.  I only going to eat foods I can’t or wouldn’t get in Waterford: Korean, Southeast Asian, Chinese, and Bengali & Indian.

It was great that Julie got to spend a little time in Waterford and be on Dauntless in her winter haven. It’s wonderful being able to share many of the interesting and tasty things Waterford has to offer.  The bread, they call turnover, we call it Hobbit bread, because it just seems to fit.  It is the best we’ve eaten since Cuccio’s in Brooklyn.  Cuccio’s was a weekly ritual for the last 14 years I was taking care of Mama, so it was nice for us to find such tasty bread in Ireland.  The last three weeks in Ireland have certainly been eye opening.

I never expected to eat so well and in particular, I am really impressed with the quality and freshness of virtually all baked products.  Ireland has many less chain type establishments then even the Netherlands, and it’s clear that people value locally grown and produced products.

The croissants are as good as any I’ve had in France and that does say a lot.  Finding delicious bread and cakes are the icing on the cake.  Ireland is simply full of wonderful people.  My time in Castletownbere was the perfect ending to an Atlantic Passage.  Full of people who know the sea, it is one of Ireland’s five official fishing ports, I met many people and many fishermen fascinated with Dauntless and our voyage.

Waterford is looking like the perfect winter spot.

Waterford Viking Tower
Waterford Viking Tower

Having the dock right downtown makes it easy for me to walk pretty much anyplace I want to go.  I’ll be able to use my bicycle for longer trips.  The City of Waterford wants to encourage boaters to stay and they have made it very easy.  The Harbor Master is helpful and accommodating and the price for the six winter months is one third of what it would have cost me in most other places.

And then we found Hobbit bread.