There, But for the Grace of God, Go I

While I was stressing about my scratch, I got an email that referred me to this link about Ghost Rider, a Nordhavn 47. It’s a heart wrenching story; difficult enough to live though, probably even harder to write about. So that ended my pity party pretty quick. I had a close call with aContinue reading “There, But for the Grace of God, Go I”

Day 1 thru 5, Kilmore Quay to Arklow, Dunloagharie & Glenarn Northern Ireland,

So it’s been an interesting 6 days. I wanted to get to Arklow on time, so I had a bit of rough weather and seas, but nothing terrible. For 6 months, I had planned all the work that needed to be done on Dauntless this winter and spring. Almost none of it was done. Why,Continue reading “Day 1 thru 5, Kilmore Quay to Arklow, Dunloagharie & Glenarn Northern Ireland,”

Phase I is Done

Phase I was doing he stuff that had to be done before Dauntless got her feet wet.  All done except for salt water pump.  For a competent person, this is a few days work; for me about three weeks. Forward Bilge Complete hookup of New Vetus holding tank, with new fittings and electrical Install newContinue reading “Phase I is Done”

Ireland Part 1

It’s going to be hard to say goodbye to Ireland, the land is gorgeous, the people wonderful and the sun shines at least once a month to remind you what it looks like. Today, I took a day off.  Every day I’ve been working on Dauntless, getting my little projects done.  The new holding tankContinue reading “Ireland Part 1”

Dauntless Gets a New Bottom Job

In October when we pulled her from the water, we found both old and new damage. The new was from my second rock encounter in Finland.  In the first Finnish rock meeting, Dauntless rode up the rock on her keel. But the second one was more egregious in that I hit the side of theContinue reading “Dauntless Gets a New Bottom Job”

Glimpses of Ireland

Working on the boat this week, getting her ready for painting.  That story and pictures will come soon. And in a sudden development, the Cruise Plan 2016 & 2017 has been radically altered.  I’m working out the numbers now, so stay tuned to this channel for the exciting details. So in the meantime, here areContinue reading “Glimpses of Ireland”

Getting My Mojo Back

So Thursday, I passed my first car in a roundabout (aka traffic circle, rotary) and today, Saturday, I passed a few more. What does that mean?  Simply that my terror of driving in a right-hand drive car on right-hand drive roads is slowly decreasing as my skill of using my right hand to shift andContinue reading “Getting My Mojo Back”

Climate Change, Immigration & Peter Pan

Peter Pan, yes, the story of someone who did not want to grow up. Having reached that magical age of awareness, he/she was now perfectly content to freeze that reality forever. These days, as I walk around my small little village of Budoia, population 2500, it is as it was when I first moved hereContinue reading “Climate Change, Immigration & Peter Pan”

Ireland & Italy

Twelve hours from now, I will be snugged into an aisle seat on Delta Airlines, watching the minutes drag by like hours. As many times as I have taken the red eye to Europe over eh past 30 years, I still dislike it, a lot. In fact, I’d rather go to the dentist. Now, I doContinue reading “Ireland & Italy”

Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker

Alas the candlestick maker is no more. Being back in Waterford is so much like coming home; though I just left home to fly here. Umm, maybe I have two homes: wherever Dauntless is and wherever Julie is.  That’s simple enough! So I’m back in Waterford to make plans for what needs to be doneContinue reading “Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker”

Coming Full Circle

30 September 2015, 13:10 hours, we passed the track off of Dunmore East that we had made leaving Ireland 4 months and 5 days earlier on the 25th of May. As I motored slowly up the River Suir, it is impossible to describe my feelings.  Much like crossing the Atlantic, this was another 4,000 nm,Continue reading “Coming Full Circle”

Summer Adventure 2015 Begins

Yesterday. We got up at the crack of dawn so  to be able to start engine at 06:15. The last line was thrown off at 06:45 and our Summer Adventure officially began. Today, Sunday, 24 May, 2015, I awoke to the visage of Claudia III out the salon window, quite a change from Waterford.  ButContinue reading “Summer Adventure 2015 Begins”