Kadey Krogen Rendezvous 2017

I had planned on giving a presentation at the Rendezvous, but it’s not to be. So, here is the outline.  I will post this on my blog, DauntlessatSea.com I have also posted, somewhat unedited, three galleries of pictures, you need to use these links: The most recent videos from the Atlantic crossing, https://dauntless.smugmug.com/Dauntless-Atlantic-2016-Videos/n-ddh7xF/ My northernContinue reading “Kadey Krogen Rendezvous 2017”

Hindsight & Foresight

I love Atlantic Europe.  The people, the cultures, the food, everything.  The fact that these are all very old boating communities, ties them together even more than language, though all of them do have Celtic ties and culture. For a fascinating discussion of genetics and human migrations in Europe and western Asia for the lastContinue reading “Hindsight & Foresight”

2016 Retrospective

Looking for something else, I came across my 2015 Post Mortem of my First Atlantic Passage.  It’s fascinating.  Makes me feel I should write another one for this passage.  I will, but also think I would like to do a compare & contrast, a great teacher’s tool. But this is not that.  This is moreContinue reading “2016 Retrospective”

Q & A After the Atlantic Crossing

My Friend Alfa Mike asked the following, so I thought I would share with everyone: >Do they speak a lot of English Language in Martinique or is it all French? some English, once in a while, you need to know some basic French. > What have you seen & experienced there? This past weekend, we droveContinue reading “Q & A After the Atlantic Crossing”

Alfa Romeo versus Kadey Krogen

Alfa Romeo Montreal 1974 Alfa Romeo Montreal 205 built in 1974 200 horsepower 2.6 litre V-8 engine Designed by Bertone Top speed of 137 mph (downhill!) 5-speed manual transmission rear-wheel-drive 166 – inch length 2+2 seating configuration   Kadey Krogen 42 1988 Kadey Krogen 42-foot Trawler Yacht 11 built in 1988 135 horsepower 6.2 litreContinue reading “Alfa Romeo versus Kadey Krogen”

There, But for the Grace of God, Go I

While I was stressing about my scratch, I got an email that referred me to this link about Ghost Rider, a Nordhavn 47. http://mv-ghostrider.blogspot.com/2016/09/08-aug-ghost-rider-down.html It’s a heart wrenching story; difficult enough to live though, probably even harder to write about. So that ended my pity party pretty quick. I had a close call with aContinue reading “There, But for the Grace of God, Go I”

Go West, Young Man, Go West

OK, I’m not so young anymore; well at least not physically. Yesterday, I decided to tackle the laundry basket of papers, books, magazines and miscellaneous stuff that should have been thrown away last year.  OK, actually two laundry baskets, plus a few smaller bins. My bicycle was also part of the melee, the last timeContinue reading “Go West, Young Man, Go West”

Cruising Costs for the First 112 Days

It’s the 112th day since our cruise started May 29th. Dauntless now sits easily in the Puerto Deportivo de Rota. Her new grey paint scheme fits in well being only a mile SE of the big naval base in Rota, Spain. We’ll be in this area, between Rota and Gibraltar for the next month, soContinue reading “Cruising Costs for the First 112 Days”

Dauntless Turns 28 years-old as She Passes 5000 Hours

I really did not have time to celebrate as we were entering the inlet to Ilha de Coulatra. Conditions were far from ideal: a two knot current against us, 20 knot winds behind us and ocean depths shallowing from 400 feet to less than 20’; it was not the time to get the cake out.Continue reading “Dauntless Turns 28 years-old as She Passes 5000 Hours”


So in the last weeks I have posted very little. I have written a lot; but getting it posted is another issue.  Issues related to no internet access or most recently just related to my lack of focus. I try to write all the time, at least every couple of days.  But as I re-readContinue reading “Triad”

Vila Franca de Xira

Dauntless Finds a Real Town Portugal has been a mixed bag so far.  Wonderful, warm people, always trying to help, who sound like they are speaking Russian to my English ear. But the two largest cities, Lisbon and Porto, coupled with the location of the marinas in those cities has been a disappointment.  I knowContinue reading “Vila Franca de Xira”

Portugal Grows on Me

And not like a fungus. That’s a good thing. I have three blog posts drafted, but for all three they are incomplete as each one has gone wildly off on tangents. Very frustrating.  I like communicating. I had an adventure this past weekend driving all the way to A Coruna and return, a total ofContinue reading “Portugal Grows on Me”