Portugal Grows on Me

And not like a fungus.

Lobo Do Mar, Seisi
Lobo Do Mar, Sesimbra

That’s a good thing.

I have three blog posts drafted, but for all three they are incomplete as each one has gone wildly off on tangents.

Very frustrating.  I like communicating.

I had an adventure this past weekend driving all the way to A Coruna and return, a total of 750 miles.  But that blog post went off about driving cars and the best car of my life.  Then, as I thought about how to resurrect it this morning, it started going off on the infamous trip to Romania in 1980.  Needless to say, I got out, of Romania that is.  But it was an experience of a lifetime and pretty much ended the few leftist thoughts that I had left after having lived in Europe the previous 4 years.

A wonderful Dinner
A wonderful Dinner

I loved the people of Romania though and it’s such a beautiful country, I must make the time to go back.  Maybe next winter, that’s winter 2017-18, when if all goes to plan, Dauntless will be in S.E. Alaska, resting up for the next leg of the journey.

So yesterday, not having to return the rental car until nightfall, I decided to check out the three marinas on the south side of the river, across from Lisbon.  I’m paying 40 Euros ($45) per night here and that’s expensive.  I really must stick to the budget this year knowing that as I go south, the prices will only go up.

Lobo Do Mar, Sesimbra, Portugal
Lobo Do Mar, Sesimbra, Portugal

So I drove to Setubal. No room there, but the port captain was very helpful and gave me some more ideas. Next stop Sesimbra, a smaller, vacation town. They had room, but the price was 39 Euros.  But she did give me a great recommendation for a restaurant.

Yes, when your plans are stymied, go eat.

The restaurant was Lobo Do Mar, Wolf of the Sea.  When you enter, there is a large counter of fresh fish, the counter man asks what you would like and you pick the fish or fishes you want for your dinner.

I got three mackerel type fish. Everything seems grilled on a wood fired grate and they were delicious. With a salad, I washed it down with a half-liter of Vehno Verde.

Sesimbra harbor
Sesimbra harbor

After an espresso and a dessert, the only disappointment of the afternoon, I paid the bill of 14 Euros ($15) thinking that I had finally found the real Portugal, that even my Spanish friends had told me existed, but I just couldn’t find.

Great food and wine at an inexpensive price.  Once I leave Europe, I will certainly miss it.

In the next day or so, I will check out another place, further up the river, but with a dock close to town which more often than not is not the case.

To be continued.