2020 Update on Paravanes and a Few Other Things

First, I’m still alive, though it was a close call. No, it wasn’t Covid-19, but something far worse, boredom. I hate being bored and perversely, the less I do, the less I want to do. Thus, my creative energy that it takes to write these blogs or make YouTube videos seems to have gone intoContinue reading “2020 Update on Paravanes and a Few Other Things”

Less is Not Always Safer, More is Not Always Better

This was written in June 2016, but never published. The recent Trawler Forum post about paravanes made me look for what I had written already and discovered I had never published this. So , here it is. June 11, 2016 – The Pacific Rim or Less is Not Always Safer While the Pacific Rim is myContinue reading “Less is Not Always Safer, More is Not Always Better”

Kadey Krogen Rendezvous 2017

I had planned on giving a presentation at the Rendezvous, but it’s not to be. So, here is the outline.  I will post this on my blog, DauntlessatSea.com I have also posted, somewhat unedited, three galleries of pictures, you need to use these links: The most recent videos from the Atlantic crossing, https://dauntless.smugmug.com/Dauntless-Atlantic-2016-Videos/n-ddh7xF/ My northernContinue reading “Kadey Krogen Rendezvous 2017”

Cruising Costs of a 42 foot Kadey Krogen

Having some time on my hands for another couple of weeks, I thought I would share with everyone what the Cruising Costs have been for Dauntless, a 42 foot Kadey Krogen Motor yacht over the last two years. I’ve broken out the numbers, so for instance, if you only go to a marina 10% ofContinue reading “Cruising Costs of a 42 foot Kadey Krogen”

2016 Retrospective

Looking for something else, I came across my 2015 Post Mortem of my First Atlantic Passage.  It’s fascinating.  Makes me feel I should write another one for this passage.  I will, but also think I would like to do a compare & contrast, a great teacher’s tool. But this is not that.  This is moreContinue reading “2016 Retrospective”

What Happened to Me?

Yikes, looking at this Blog, I’m still in Rota, Spain. That seems like eons ago! So, while Micah and my friend Larry explore Morocco, I will take this opportunity get caught up. Maybe my lack of writing has been a function of the cruising conditions. Getting back to Dauntless after a month the sigh ofContinue reading “What Happened to Me?”

I’m Ready Now

Dauntless is finally back in the water.  In spite of holidays, vacations and other national disasters. The Spanish, at least in southern Spain, have a penchant for bureaucracy, that would make ___ proud.  Even if you stop in a marina and just stay overnight, one night, they make a file for you.  Even though everythingContinue reading “I’m Ready Now”

Four Months & 6,000 Miles for Dauntless & Her Intrepid Crew

The table below has our tentative cruising plan for the next four months.  While the dates are somewhat tentative, you know me, I like sticking to the plan. A few explanations about the below chart: The tentative arrival date is just that, but the departure date from the previous port can be derived from theContinue reading “Four Months & 6,000 Miles for Dauntless & Her Intrepid Crew”

Portugal Grows on Me

And not like a fungus. That’s a good thing. I have three blog posts drafted, but for all three they are incomplete as each one has gone wildly off on tangents. Very frustrating.  I like communicating. I had an adventure this past weekend driving all the way to A Coruna and return, a total ofContinue reading “Portugal Grows on Me”

In a French Hospital

I even got to ride in an ambulance! But I get ahead of the story. I had an abscess on my cheek.  It didn’t seem that large, at least when it started. I kept on thinking it would cure itself, well, at least it has some other times. But this one kept on getting largerContinue reading “In a French Hospital”

Dauntless Comes Alive

It’s hard to describe how a boat comes alive. 31 hours into our passage to France, our second night out. it’s now 01:00 on the 15th of July 2016.  I’ve just relieved the “boys”, who had their first watch without me for the last 4 hours.  I had planned on sleeping another two hours, butContinue reading “Dauntless Comes Alive”

Day 8 & 9 –Two Shenanigans for the Price of One

Leaving the Irish Sea behind us, we seem to have left the bad weather also. The last three days in Scotland have been summer-like: light breezes, blue skies and warm temperatures in the high 50’s and even low 60’s.   In fact, temperatures have been so warm that in Ireland they issued a “heat warning” tellingContinue reading “Day 8 & 9 –Two Shenanigans for the Price of One”