2016 Retrospective

Looking for something else, I came across my 2015 Post Mortem of my First Atlantic Passage.  It’s fascinating.  Makes me feel I should write another one for this passage.  I will, but also think I would like to do a compare & contrast, a great teacher’s tool. But this is not that.  This is moreContinue reading “2016 Retrospective”

Dauntless in Horta in the Winter 2015 Kadey Krogen journal, Waypoints

Let’s get back to rocking and rolling on Dauntless. I am posting the link to a nice article of our trip that was just published in the Kadey Krogen journal, Waypoints. If you can’t tell, it’s the most recent one, with Dauntless docked in Horta along the famous wall with the Volcano Pico in the background.  Continue reading “Dauntless in Horta in the Winter 2015 Kadey Krogen journal, Waypoints”

Now … It’s Miller Time

And I’m sick.  Just a cold that I felt coming on last week, but I had been feeling better and I needed to take advantage of being next to the dock and wall (instead of being rafted to fishing boats) so that I could rig the new paravane pole.  It also allowed me to completeContinue reading “Now … It’s Miller Time”

The Pot Boils

Its midnight, a little more than 25 hours to go, and I see that the starboard Racor is full of crap, I switch to the Port Racor and return to the pilot house to contemplate my next moves. The wind had stayed steady at SW at 30 kts.  I was getting used to the roll,Continue reading “The Pot Boils”

The Lobster’s in the Pot and the Water is Getting Hotter

And this lobster never imagined that over the next days the water would get hotter and hotter finally coming to a boil just hours from safety. The evening before (the 24th), the light winds had ended, as the winds were now out of the south and southwest at 18 to 30 knots (kts), producing aContinue reading “The Lobster’s in the Pot and the Water is Getting Hotter”

The Calm Before the Storm II, But New Problems Develop

Day 6 & 7, 23 & 24 August Back on course, heading due north, the winds were directly behind me, at 180° at 15 kts (written 18015).  Can’t ask for any better than that.  I was fat, dumb and happy. I experimented a bit.  I wanted to see if different speeds affected the rolling. SoContinue reading “The Calm Before the Storm II, But New Problems Develop”

Crazy Ivan or Going Around in Circles

Day 4 & 5, 21 & 22 August I had pulled in the birds for the paravanes last evening, but overnight the rolling had increased as the winds and waves increased, so at 05:30 birds went back in the water (when underway, I always keep the paravane poles out, so if I need to deployContinue reading “Crazy Ivan or Going Around in Circles”

The Calm Before the Storm I

Day 2 & 3, 19 & 20 August I was roused from my slumber when I noticed a white light dead ahead, its 06:00.  Turns out it was Jupiter right on top of Venus.  What can I say, boys will be boys.  Clearly, I’ve learned to sleep like a cat with one eye open, InContinue reading “The Calm Before the Storm I”

A Lucky Start

Leaving Horta, Azores for Ireland, Monday, 18 August 2014 The first day of the last leg of our Atlantic Passage.  For the first time, I’m totally alone.  I had wanted to find a crewmate for this portion of the voyage, but it was not to be. Also, it’s impossible to replace Julie, not because we’reContinue reading “A Lucky Start”

Luck, more luck & wonderful people

I just had two of the worst things happen this morning for the entire trip. After getting fuel, I went to store to get a few provisions, tomatoes, cheese, sausage and more white wine. I figure that was enough for 7days. After the market, I’m walking back to boat and I realize my passport isContinue reading “Luck, more luck & wonderful people”

The Weather Intensifies; A Day by Day Summary Cape Cod to Flores

A Day by Day Summary Cape Cod to Flores, the Azores, 2230 nm, 20 July to 05 Aug 2014 20 July, 06:00, we left with the tide, as had a few hours on the Narragansett River, then Buzzards Bay to the Cape Cod Canal and across the Bay, anchoring at 21:00 that night. 91 nm,Continue reading “The Weather Intensifies; A Day by Day Summary Cape Cod to Flores”

Wind and Waves

Now that you hopefully have a better understanding of following seas, let’s define a few more terms and procedures. If I say the winds are westerly, that means they are from the west.  Generally I speak of wind direction in relation to the direction we are trying to go.  So, for example, when we leftContinue reading “Wind and Waves”