Windows Does What the Atlantic Couldn’t.

I’m returning to Dauntless in a few days.  I have spent my time in NYC getting the final pieces for the heater installation, but I’m leaving with a little cloud over me. Why?  A number of reasons: It started with my visit to our roof top apartment in Manhattan.  It’s been rented since August andContinue reading “Windows Does What the Atlantic Couldn’t.”

Dauntless Crosses the North Atlantic – The Post Mortem

The crux of a successful ocean passage Providence Rhode Island to Castletownbere, Ireland: 3624 nm, 6523 km.; 638 running hours Average speed 5.7 knots 1013 gallons of fuel consumed Average = 1.59 gal/hr. Average 3.6 nm/gal= 1.7 km/liter Cost of fuel $4000 Cost per nm = $1.1/nm Stuff that broke: Four Stories and lessons LearnedContinue reading “Dauntless Crosses the North Atlantic – The Post Mortem”

The Pot Boils

Its midnight, a little more than 25 hours to go, and I see that the starboard Racor is full of crap, I switch to the Port Racor and return to the pilot house to contemplate my next moves. The wind had stayed steady at SW at 30 kts.  I was getting used to the roll,Continue reading “The Pot Boils”

A Lucky Start

Leaving Horta, Azores for Ireland, Monday, 18 August 2014 The first day of the last leg of our Atlantic Passage.  For the first time, I’m totally alone.  I had wanted to find a crewmate for this portion of the voyage, but it was not to be. Also, it’s impossible to replace Julie, not because we’reContinue reading “A Lucky Start”