The Ultimate Bus Trip

is actually on a Boat! My first date with my most recent companion/mate was on a bus. Yes, that was the date. We took the Fifth Avenue bus from Greenwich Village all the way to Washington Heights, an hour a half ride.  We then got really wild and transferred to another bus to go allContinue reading “The Ultimate Bus Trip”

A Quickie in New York

I wish! But it was a quick trip, 5-days, to New York to tie up some loose ends. Some lines always need a good whipping. I also got to spend some time with some good friends, both new and old. And best of all, I ate Korean food 3x, Japanese 2x, pizza 2x and lastlyContinue reading “A Quickie in New York”

20,000 miles in 900 Days

Well actually 19,000 miles in 878 days, but who’s counting?  Also 900 Days has a sad ring to it. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, read a book, though I’m sure the history channel has an hour documentary which is sure to have a few facts straight. I’m packing the “large” suitcase.  SoContinue reading “20,000 miles in 900 Days”

A Few City of New York Thoughts

Be patient, in less than two weeks, I will be back on Dauntless and my blogs will revert to its focus on boats, cruising and travel. But in the meantime, I find myself with a lot of time; maybe too much time, thinking and reflecting, reflecting and thinking and the continuous circle that entails. MeetingContinue reading “A Few City of New York Thoughts”

A Jaunt in the Jeep or Driving in the Snow

So, a few days earlier, I had gotten the idea to go the Sands Casino, in Bethlehem, PA on Saturday, then pick Julie up at Newark Airport on the way home Saturday night.  The Sands is a little less than 2 hours driving in normal traffic, though I have made it in 1.5 hours inContinue reading “A Jaunt in the Jeep or Driving in the Snow”

When Did We Become a Nation of Chicken Little’s?

The weather forecast, at least for the NYC area, has been on track for at least 5 days. In the old days, we would spend that time preparing for it, proud to be able keep business as usual. Nowadays, it’s constant fear mongering, hunkering down and buying groceries like we will never be able toContinue reading “When Did We Become a Nation of Chicken Little’s?”

Bidding My Time

These last weeks in NYC have been the quietest I have ever seen; maybe in my life. I have virtually nothing to do.  Oh, I must get my tasty donut and coffee in the morning at the Lydig Diner and talk to the owner, George a bit. Then, wave at the Korean couple at theirContinue reading “Bidding My Time”

First Times

Are always hard. I still remember vividly every mistake I made during my first winter in Fairbanks, Alaska: having to change a tire at 50° below zero (-45°C), because I had not put enough air in it when it was warmer, and now, at minus 50°, the tire was so flat it had a flatContinue reading “First Times”

The Cloud Passes Leaving a Beautiful Day in da Bronx

It was a short lived storm. As I walked to the car, crossing Pelham Parkway, I really was struck by how pretty the Bronx is. Now, I have been told by some about the Bronx, and working here for five years, and now living here, if only part time, I can certainly appreciate it, butContinue reading “The Cloud Passes Leaving a Beautiful Day in da Bronx”

Windows Does What the Atlantic Couldn’t.

I’m returning to Dauntless in a few days.  I have spent my time in NYC getting the final pieces for the heater installation, but I’m leaving with a little cloud over me. Why?  A number of reasons: It started with my visit to our roof top apartment in Manhattan.  It’s been rented since August andContinue reading “Windows Does What the Atlantic Couldn’t.”