A Day in the Life & Children of Iron

The Day started at 06:00 with the pair of Waterford Swans and their new cygnets doing a Dawn Patrol. The A330-300 that Delta flies on the Dublin to JFK run has a Japanese flavor on the entertainment system. Thus I’ve watched a few memorable Japanese movies in the last few months flying over the NorthContinue reading “A Day in the Life & Children of Iron”

A Few City of New York Thoughts

Be patient, in less than two weeks, I will be back on Dauntless and my blogs will revert to its focus on boats, cruising and travel. But in the meantime, I find myself with a lot of time; maybe too much time, thinking and reflecting, reflecting and thinking and the continuous circle that entails. MeetingContinue reading “A Few City of New York Thoughts”

First Times

Are always hard. I still remember vividly every mistake I made during my first winter in Fairbanks, Alaska: having to change a tire at 50° below zero (-45°C), because I had not put enough air in it when it was warmer, and now, at minus 50°, the tire was so flat it had a flatContinue reading “First Times”

Just What Have I Been Doing for the Last Few Months?

Since December, besides travelling to England, Italy, Spain and the U.S., I have been organizing tools and spare parts.  I am making a computerized list of each part, their storage location, as well as any significant information, such as model number, etc. Having also reorganized my tools and fasteners, clamps, etc., my life will beContinue reading “Just What Have I Been Doing for the Last Few Months?”

Snow, New York and My Father

Why am I so sad that I am going to miss this big NYC Blizzard? I do like snow.  Why else would I have spent so much time in Alaska! As a child, I remember waking up and listening to the traffic on West Street below our third floor window.  West Street was still cobblestonesContinue reading “Snow, New York and My Father”

A Walk in the Bronx & the New Squeegee Men

Or the Return of the Squeegee Men, Without the Squeegee. So no Dauntless news in this post. No news is good news., just me on my soapbox. Woke up this morning and realized that I needed some exercise.  In Waterford, I walk a few miles a day, up and down the hill to the butcherContinue reading “A Walk in the Bronx & the New Squeegee Men”