On a Roll

Yesterday, I completed two things on the nice to do list: replacement of the Raritan water heater anode and replacement of a terminal block for my 120-volt neutral circuits in the engine room distribution panel. After two months, I’ve finally hit my stride and actually feel confident in what I am doing. That manifested itselfContinue reading “On a Roll”

A Far Better Day

I can see why satire is so effective; no, I did not sleep well, but I woke up in a far better mood and the simple fact is I am tied to the dock, so any problem is fixable.  Getting across an ocean helps the perspective. Larry, my Alaskan friend, along with his wife, Karla,Continue reading “A Far Better Day”

Just What Have I Been Doing for the Last Few Months?

Since December, besides travelling to England, Italy, Spain and the U.S., I have been organizing tools and spare parts.  I am making a computerized list of each part, their storage location, as well as any significant information, such as model number, etc. Having also reorganized my tools and fasteners, clamps, etc., my life will beContinue reading “Just What Have I Been Doing for the Last Few Months?”