A Humdrum Day

As we returned to Wrangell Harbor after a day of fruitless fishing, but with 5 Dungeness crabs at least, I thought about how I was now an “old pro” returning to this harbor and dock. What made me think that? This was only my 7th time returning to this harbor and docking on this dock!Continue reading “A Humdrum Day”

The Day of Reckoning

Who said old dogs can’t learn new tricks! By Friday, the weather still looked good. That evening, I told my crew, Tee and Thien, that they could sleep late. I could get off on my own, but they needed to be ready for action by 09:00 sharp and they needed to be prepared to spendContinue reading “The Day of Reckoning”

Preparing for the Day of Reckoning

Yesterday, Saturday was the Debacle, Sunday the Plan was made.  That gave me five days to sort out the windlass and get it working again. First thing I did was get out the Ideal windlass manual for my ACW windlass.  I had two issues: As we were hauling the anchor, it became more and moreContinue reading “Preparing for the Day of Reckoning”

After the Debacle

While I felt good about having the common sense to abandon the anchor and not try to lift 125 lbs. of anchor chain and anchor more than 150 feet (50 ft of 3/8”bbb chain x 1.65lbs/ft x  + 40 lbs. anchor = 122 lbs. plus rode), I had a sleepless night. While I wasn’t sleeping,Continue reading “After the Debacle”

Weather Planning

I thought this would be a good opportunity to explain my weather planning or better said, planning on the weather. The fist picture on the left shows my main area of interest at the white dot, just south of Cape Mendocino. This is where the winds are the strongest. It’s a two day (46 hr)Continue reading “Weather Planning”

A Jaunt in the Jeep or Driving in the Snow

So, a few days earlier, I had gotten the idea to go the Sands Casino, in Bethlehem, PA on Saturday, then pick Julie up at Newark Airport on the way home Saturday night.  The Sands is a little less than 2 hours driving in normal traffic, though I have made it in 1.5 hours inContinue reading “A Jaunt in the Jeep or Driving in the Snow”

When Did We Become a Nation of Chicken Little’s?

The weather forecast, at least for the NYC area, has been on track for at least 5 days. In the old days, we would spend that time preparing for it, proud to be able keep business as usual. Nowadays, it’s constant fear mongering, hunkering down and buying groceries like we will never be able toContinue reading “When Did We Become a Nation of Chicken Little’s?”

The Power of Persistence

Yes, while it certainly takes persistence to cross an ocean, I’m referring to a difference type of persistence, persistence as it relates to weather forecast skill. Reading this article this morning from the April 17, 2015 edition of Science News, I thought it would illustrate the impact persistence has on a weather forecast. Onshore hurricanes inContinue reading “The Power of Persistence”