Return to Huatulco

I could call this, Mexico Just Works, at least this part. As international trips of 3,000+ miles go, this was by far one of the easiest ever! 13 hours after wake-up at oh-dark-thirty, I was being dropped off at my hotel in Huatulco. Hotel Balcon Gueela turned out to be a really nice, comfortable placeContinue reading “Return to Huatulco”

PassageMaker versus Aviation Week

Should be a no brainer.  AW was my old life; PM my new one.  I love reading about boats, cruising in boats, living on boats and of course, crossing oceans on small boats. Now, this article in PM about another Kadey Krogen 42 is a great story. This boat, in the above article, wasContinue reading “PassageMaker versus Aviation Week”

The Power of Persistence

Yes, while it certainly takes persistence to cross an ocean, I’m referring to a difference type of persistence, persistence as it relates to weather forecast skill. Reading this article this morning from the April 17, 2015 edition of Science News, I thought it would illustrate the impact persistence has on a weather forecast. Onshore hurricanes inContinue reading “The Power of Persistence”

Science News & the Miami Boat Show

How are they related? Julie recently sent the following email to her science teachers: Hi science team,  I just spent 45 minute reading new discoveries about the following:  How sleep “flushes” out the brain New research in progenia, a disease that prematurely ages children  How molecules in 1% of our exhaled breath can diagnoseContinue reading “Science News & the Miami Boat Show”