Lessons Learned Living on a Boat in Northern Europe

So far, as I learn something new every day;  I’m sure to keep on learning and  even on my last day on Earth,  I know I’ll learn something new;  like how I die! Having kicked the cans down the road of Greece and the Ukraine, we can now talk about boats again. So, what haveContinue reading “Lessons Learned Living on a Boat in Northern Europe”

Sunrise on the Miami River

A fascinating place, the Miami River, full of real working boats and interesting people. I promise to write about it more later, but have little time this morning, as this is the big day. Richard and I have finished out painting project.  The cap rail, and forward hand rails have been painted!  We have alsoContinue reading “Sunrise on the Miami River”

Surviving Boca Chita – It’s Harder than You Think

We had been anchored at Marine Stadium, just east of downtown Miami.  A gorgeous site, with a clay bottom, so very good holding for the anchor.  We had been here two days, so I was getting hot to trot. The National Weather Service had been forecasting a frontal passage for that day, Thursday, so IContinue reading “Surviving Boca Chita – It’s Harder than You Think”

America’s Race – The Daytona 500 – It’s just not about $$$

As Dauntless gets prepared for her paravanes, I took the opportunity to attend the Daytona 500 with my friend Richard, from Providence, RI, who will be spending time with me on Dauntless in Florida. Not my first NASCAR race, as my first race I attended in person was in Riverside California in 1981.  See thoseContinue reading “America’s Race – The Daytona 500 – It’s just not about $$$”

I want to conclude the Bahamas Adventure with the Christmas Disaster

But before I tell the rest of the story of the summer Canada trip, in which there will be midnight dives, midnight docking, 12 knot currents, flying trawlers, flying people, swinging booms, crushing dinghies, crashing seas, the bureaucracies of the world at their best, BoatUS on the edge, Canadian customs, the ever vigilant USCG, pilotContinue reading “I want to conclude the Bahamas Adventure with the Christmas Disaster”

Science News & the Miami Boat Show

How are they related? https://www.sciencenews.org/ Julie recently sent the following email to her science teachers: Hi science team,  I just spent 45 minute reading new discoveries about the following:  How sleep “flushes” out the brain New research in progenia, a disease that prematurely ages children  How molecules in 1% of our exhaled breath can diagnoseContinue reading “Science News & the Miami Boat Show”

Crossing the Gulf Stream

 Rocking and Rolling  Last day of January 2014 – Dollar Harbour to Florida Dollar harbour anchorage turned out to one of the best of my whole Bahamas Adventure.  Due to the strong current the boat was rock steady all night, though it did do a 180° in the middle of the night. Wind is outContinue reading “Crossing the Gulf Stream”

How I almost Snatch Defeat from the Jaws of Victory or When a Shortcut, Isn’t!

Chubb Cay to Dollar Harbour, 30 January 2014, Thursday, It’s Oh Dark Thirty, really, 3:00 a.m.  If I want to get to Cat Cay today, it’s 76 nm @ 6.5 knots, that’s 12 hours, plus the usual hour of hijinks, so I either leave now or drive in the dark. Since for the first few hoursContinue reading “How I almost Snatch Defeat from the Jaws of Victory or When a Shortcut, Isn’t!”

Leaving Nassau, Let the Shenanigans Begin

See How Unconscious Foresight Saves the Day Or as some may call it, plain Dumb Luck. I had spent the last few days getting the boat ready to depart for the roughly 200 mile trip back to Miami.  But in reality, there was little to get ready, so I spent the last days riding theContinue reading “Leaving Nassau, Let the Shenanigans Begin”

Dauntless’ Bahamas Winter Adventure Summary

A Summary of our Bahamas Winter Adventure We departed Key Largo 10 December and returned to Miami, 31 January 2014. In those 53 days, I had to leave dauntless and return to NYC for 23 days (I didn’t want to miss the snowstorm). Total days on boat (not including 23 days I was in NYC)Continue reading “Dauntless’ Bahamas Winter Adventure Summary”

Back on Dauntless in Nassau, Thursday, January 23, 2014

I’m sitting in the salon, back on Dauntless, having just returned from my three week trip home to NYC. The boat looks like I never left; it was such a relief to walk down the slip and see nothing strange, she wasn’t listing, the electricity was on and I had no infestation of the insectContinue reading “Back on Dauntless in Nassau, Thursday, January 23, 2014”