A Perspective

Yesterday evening, the 5th of February 2015, as I gazed out the window watching the traffic flow along the quay of Waterford the realization struck me as to how much has changed in just one year. Last year at this time, I had just returned from the Bahamas, had crossed the dreaded Gulf Stream, thisContinue reading “A Perspective”

Things that Go Bump in the Middle of the Night

Are Never Good. This was written while recovering from an interesting experience.  One that I would hope not to repeat, but alas, one does not always get what one wants or even deserves! The following was written July 18th, 2013 off of Jewell Island, Maine. Just a few posts ago; I made the comment thatContinue reading “Things that Go Bump in the Middle of the Night”

How I almost Snatch Defeat from the Jaws of Victory or When a Shortcut, Isn’t!

Chubb Cay to Dollar Harbour, 30 January 2014, Thursday, It’s Oh Dark Thirty, really, 3:00 a.m.  If I want to get to Cat Cay today, it’s 76 nm @ 6.5 knots, that’s 12 hours, plus the usual hour of hijinks, so I either leave now or drive in the dark. Since for the first few hoursContinue reading “How I almost Snatch Defeat from the Jaws of Victory or When a Shortcut, Isn’t!”

Leaving Nassau, Let the Shenanigans Begin

See How Unconscious Foresight Saves the Day Or as some may call it, plain Dumb Luck. I had spent the last few days getting the boat ready to depart for the roughly 200 mile trip back to Miami.  But in reality, there was little to get ready, so I spent the last days riding theContinue reading “Leaving Nassau, Let the Shenanigans Begin”

Dauntless’ Bahamas Winter Adventure Summary

A Summary of our Bahamas Winter Adventure We departed Key Largo 10 December and returned to Miami, 31 January 2014. In those 53 days, I had to leave dauntless and return to NYC for 23 days (I didn’t want to miss the snowstorm). Total days on boat (not including 23 days I was in NYC)Continue reading “Dauntless’ Bahamas Winter Adventure Summary”