An Experimenter

Ever wonder why I get into so much trouble or have so many shenanigans? By heart, I’m a scientist.  At a relatively young age, I decided to be a meteorologist.  Even at the University of Washington, when I had the opportunity to meet a lot of kids like me studying to be engineers of someContinue reading “An Experimenter”

Rantings and Ravings

Yes, I am sitting here, still, on the Miami River, watching the sun rise and feeling miserable.  Why? You ask yourself, he is in this almost idyllic setting, yet feels miserable? Because he tells you, he is an impatient, spoiled American, whose patience was never very much in the first place.  And he adds, thereContinue reading “Rantings and Ravings”

A Few Thoughts & Comments

In the next weeks, I want to finish the Canadian Adventure,  The Jewell Island Fiasco was just the beginning. Suffice it to say, just when you think it can’t get any worse, it does.  Details to follow, but I assure you there will be midnight dives, midnight docking, 12 knot currents, flying trawlers, flying people,Continue reading “A Few Thoughts & Comments”

Sunrise on the Miami River

A fascinating place, the Miami River, full of real working boats and interesting people. I promise to write about it more later, but have little time this morning, as this is the big day. Richard and I have finished out painting project.  The cap rail, and forward hand rails have been painted!  We have alsoContinue reading “Sunrise on the Miami River”

Surviving Boca Chita – It’s Harder than You Think

We had been anchored at Marine Stadium, just east of downtown Miami.  A gorgeous site, with a clay bottom, so very good holding for the anchor.  We had been here two days, so I was getting hot to trot. The National Weather Service had been forecasting a frontal passage for that day, Thursday, so IContinue reading “Surviving Boca Chita – It’s Harder than You Think”

Science News & the Miami Boat Show

How are they related? Julie recently sent the following email to her science teachers: Hi science team,  I just spent 45 minute reading new discoveries about the following:  How sleep “flushes” out the brain New research in progenia, a disease that prematurely ages children  How molecules in 1% of our exhaled breath can diagnoseContinue reading “Science News & the Miami Boat Show”