A Few Thoughts & Comments

In the next weeks, I want to finish the Canadian Adventure,  The Jewell Island Fiasco was just the beginning. Suffice it to say, just when you think it can’t get any worse, it does.  Details to follow, but I assure you there will be midnight dives, midnight docking, 12 knot currents, flying trawlers, flying people, swinging booms, crushing dinghies, crashing seas, the bureaucracies of the world at their best, BoatUS on the edge, Canadian customs, the ever vigilant USCG, pilot ships, thunderstorms, rain, ships passing in the night, lobster pots, lobsters, big tides and of course fog, fog and more fog.

Before all the gory details, I have another issue.  I really try to write to my audience, those of you taking the time out of your busy day to read my writings.  I try not to just have a travelogue, as the trawler magazines, have that boring niche.

But I do like being responsive to my readers, therefore, please leave comments (if I don’t like them, I can always delete them!) or send me an email if you just want to keep your thoughts, ideas, private between us.

Hopefully, this will be my last week to ten days on the Miami River.  I will certainly miss the planes flying overhead as I am just east of Miami International Airport.  Reminds me of watching the Mets at Shea Stadium.  The planes were nosier back then,

I’ve finished the cap rail project.  It was just painting the cap rail and the hand rails.  I’ll post some pictures when were all cleaned up and the paravanes are done also.

John and Red have promised me a very nifty, elegant solution for the paravanes and although I had some initial trepidation, I am really looking forward to what they have come up with.

So stay tuned.  The bike with the freshly painted orange fenders is my new bike.  First new bike since Alaska.

Why orange fenders? I am going to be in Holland next year after all.cropped-wpid-storageextsdcarddcimcamera20140320_075305_nw-14th-st.jpg cropped-wpid-storageextsdcarddcimcamera20140318_071539_nw-20th-st1.jpg

Trash bag on the Maimi River

Trash bag on the Maimi River

Little Havana

Little Havana

It is the Best Middle Eastern Food Ever

It is the Best Middle Eastern Food Ever

The New Bike

The New Bike

wpid-storageextSdCardDCIMCamera20140324_162548_NW-20th-St.jpg.jpg wpid-storageextSdCardDCIMCamera20140318_071539_NW-20th-St.jpg.jpg

3 thoughts on “A Few Thoughts & Comments

  1. Wait a minute, I thought the orange fenders were the rubber things on the side of the boat that keep you from crashing into the dock. I guess this is why I never got my boat crew qualification.

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