Getting My Mojo Back

So Thursday, I passed my first car in a roundabout (aka traffic circle, rotary) and today, Saturday, I passed a few more. What does that mean?  Simply that my terror of driving in a right-hand drive car on right-hand drive roads is slowly decreasing as my skill of using my right hand to shift andContinue reading “Getting My Mojo Back”

A Jaunt in the Jeep or Driving in the Snow

So, a few days earlier, I had gotten the idea to go the Sands Casino, in Bethlehem, PA on Saturday, then pick Julie up at Newark Airport on the way home Saturday night.  The Sands is a little less than 2 hours driving in normal traffic, though I have made it in 1.5 hours inContinue reading “A Jaunt in the Jeep or Driving in the Snow”

Twenty-four Hours to Go

It’s been a terrifying two days, but knock wood, I have survived so far. Crossing the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea was a piece of cake compared to driving on the left hand side of the road. Shifting with my left hand feels as weird as blowing my nose with my left hand, inContinue reading “Twenty-four Hours to Go”

Rule of the Desk

Think about this picture. What is it telling you? What do you see? Interesting questions, so why am I asking? On Trawler Forum,, there was a thread asking why some boaters were so discourteous, as to cause a large wake (wave caused by a moving boat. Dauntless produces about a half foot wake (wave),Continue reading “Rule of the Desk”