The Cloud Passes Leaving a Beautiful Day in da Bronx

It was a short lived storm.

As I walked to the car, crossing Pelham Parkway, I really was struck by how pretty the Bronx is.

Pelham Parkway turning green
Pelham Parkway turning green

Now, I have been told by some about the Bronx, and working here for five years, and now living here, if only part time, I can certainly appreciate it, but still I’ve always had my doubts.

My friend Sam, a big Bronx booster and the only person I know who was born, raised and still living in the Bronx, would periodically rant and rave about its attributes.  But like most New Yorkers, I attributed it to a passing delusion.

But I always liked her enthusiasm and she was more right than I.  Sometimes I should listen better also.

As I got in the car, connected my IPod, that had been “lost” for the previous week, I also realized that that last night’s funk was as much about having to listen to NY radio for a few yours.  How such a big city can have so little choice in radio listening is simply pathetic.  We are such a big city, so there are no real “local” stations, but instead virtually every station is owned by some big corporation, run by the bean counters.

Sad to think that the place where playing rock albums on WNEW-NY actually started in the ‘60’s has now reverted to the planned world of a Disney Land.

So here is a song or two that works well on a sunny day.

And for those Double Bass Fans, Agnes Obel’s Aventine

One Republic's Counting Stars
OneRepublic’s Counting Stars