So in the last weeks I have posted very little. I have written a lot; but getting it posted is another issue.  Issues related to no internet access or most recently just related to my lack of focus. I try to write all the time, at least every couple of days.  But as I re-readContinue reading “Triad”

A Quickie in New York

I wish! But it was a quick trip, 5-days, to New York to tie up some loose ends. Some lines always need a good whipping. I also got to spend some time with some good friends, both new and old. And best of all, I ate Korean food 3x, Japanese 2x, pizza 2x and lastlyContinue reading “A Quickie in New York”

I Like Cats

Tonight I took a whore’s shower. How are they related? Of course I am going to tell you. It’s my last night in New Ross and the New Ross Boat Yard.  Stephen and Michael, the two brothers who own the yard, had a bbq tonight for me and a few other friends and boat yardContinue reading “I Like Cats”