The Ultimate Bus Trip

is actually on a Boat!wp-1472118993716.jpg

My first date with my most recent companion/mate was on a bus. Yes, that was the date. We took the Fifth Avenue bus from Greenwich Village all the way to Washington Heights, an hour a half ride.  We then got really wild and transferred to another bus to go all the way to the Cloisters in Inwood Park) or possibly that was on our second date).

So of course it was a natural progression for us to get our Kadey Krogen.  How so?

Omimundo Gare do Oriente
Omimundo Gare do Oriente

Sitting on a bus, not driving, gives you the opportunity to see the world go by.  When we moved to the Bronx two years ago, I had the chance to take the MTA Express Bus to Midtown or the Upper East Side.  Even after having driven on the same exact route for 5 years commuting to my school in the Bronx, taking the bus was a revelation.  I saw all sorts of interesting sights that had eluded me as a driver.

When one takes the train, more often than not, the track is in a sunken grade.  So the most one sees are concrete walls with occasional level crossings and stations.

Omimundo Gare do Oriente
Omimundo Gare do Oriente A Busy Bus Station

An airplane, if you are sitting in a window seat, as you crane your neck to peer out of the 5-inch window, you may see tops of clouds, or the ground from 38,000 feet.  Not a very interesting panorama.  Besides, if you are in a window seat, your biggest concern is timing your bathroom breaks to minimize disruption of the row-mates (not to be confused with inmates).

So Planes, Trains and Automobiles are not the best vehicles for watching the world go by.

That leaves Busses and Boats.

Another Krogen owner once remarked that the KK affords us the opportunity to watch the world pass by from our living room.

So true and certainly one of the main reasons when we first saw the KK42, we knew it was the boat for us.

This morning I was in the bus station in Lisbon seeing my nephew off on his way to France for a week before he flies back to Alaska.  As I watched the people, I realized that the airlines, especially the discount airlines in Europe, have really given a large boost to bus transportation.  When you are being charged $2 per pound for checked baggage and your carry-on bag is the size of a large wallet, what family can afford to travel my plane?

Thus families with kids and the baggage train they entail can travel affordably by bus.

And best of all, they get to actually see the world they are both leaving and coming to.

Can’t ask much more than that.