20,000 miles in 900 Days

Well actually 19,000 miles in 878 days, but who’s counting?  Also 900 Days has a sad ring to it. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, read a book, though I’m sure the history channel has an hour documentary which is sure to have a few facts straight. I’m packing the “large” suitcase.  SoContinue reading “20,000 miles in 900 Days”

Real Mothers and Real Soju

Today, Sunday, finds me watching parts of a Korean Drama that I first watched a few years ago, Go Bong Shil, 고봉실 여사 구하기, watching this drama makes me realize how strong a connection I have to the culture of Korea. One of the themes that runs through virtually every Korean drama is family and the hardContinue reading “Real Mothers and Real Soju”

East Versus West

So one of my dedicated, alert readers emailed me and asked the obvious question, “Since you want to spend time in the Med, why not go to Korea via the Suez Canal and Indian ocean?” Great question. It’s been more than a year since I last looked at the charts and the route to theContinue reading “East Versus West”

More Shenanigans or How Do I Really Spend My Days

I wrote this over the last two days. I have a 12v heating pad on my bed and it is probably the only thing keeping me from becoming a frozen board by morning.  During the last few days I have come to understand that the current for this heating pad is not going through myContinue reading “More Shenanigans or How Do I Really Spend My Days”