Who Can Resist Women in Uniform

      I Certainly Can’t. Which is why I being currently in Vietnam, Sai Gon or Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), to be exact. Why here? Why now?  Why not: I have a friend here. I needed a vacation from Dauntless. She needed a rest from me. I needed to be in New YorkContinue reading “Who Can Resist Women in Uniform”

The Plan Comes Together

Since I have talked, written, about my planning process a lot, you know I like having a plan. But there are times when a plan, any plan, has been elusive. Also, the best plans are always subject to change. Generally, I find that the best plan, or better stated, the best initial plan, is oneContinue reading “The Plan Comes Together”

What Keeps Me Awake at Night

                      As I mentioned before, if you are not living in the moment, you are reflecting on the past or planning the future. At night, as I drift off to sleep, I am usually always thinking of the future. I hate surprises.  For me, thereContinue reading “What Keeps Me Awake at Night”

East Versus West

So one of my dedicated, alert readers emailed me and asked the obvious question, “Since you want to spend time in the Med, why not go to Korea via the Suez Canal and Indian ocean?” Great question. It’s been more than a year since I last looked at the charts and the route to theContinue reading “East Versus West”