I’m So Lazy

Since I’ve been back in HCMC, I don’t even do the little I have to do. What do I really have to do? I’d like to get my electronic Dauntless logs up to date. I’ve been stalled in August 2017 for the longest time. I need to re-organize my hard drive on my laptop, soContinue reading “I’m So Lazy”

Things I Must Do on Dauntless

Upon waking up this Monday morning, as I was organizing my day, thinking about what I wanted/needed to do, I thought about this blog and what to write. I’d like to finish writing about the events of the trip to Vallejo. But as time passes, so does emotion of the events, making it harder toContinue reading “Things I Must Do on Dauntless”

Don’t Miss Great Foods Because of Bad Translations

A little background. I came to Vietnam with some trepidation. I don’t like hot climates, hot weather or most foods that they produce. I came to meet my special person though I had an open mind. In the early days, I made the mistake of saying I didn’t particularly like “Hot Pot” as Lãu isContinue reading “Don’t Miss Great Foods Because of Bad Translations”

Café Culture

I have two favorite cafés in Ho Chi Minh City, Bui Van Ngo Coffee is larger, fancier and also has some baked goods. Café Thuy Moc is smaller, homier and they make killer smoothies, my favorite being Sinh To Bo, an avocado smoothie.  They are also on a busy street corner that I can watch fascinatedContinue reading “Café Culture”

Putting out liquid Fires

This was quite spectacular because I have never seen office workers actually getting “hands-on” learning how to use a fire extinguisher to put out propane and liquid fuel fires. They also watched how to deploy and connect the firefighting hose that are everywhere, as well as outside my apartment door. So, I thought you wouldContinue reading “Putting out liquid Fires”

More Traffic from Ho Chi Minh City

A few more interesting observations: People really don’t drive any worse than most places, in fact, driving, riding two wheelers make you drive much better, otherwise you don’t last very long. There is no road rage. None. People will stop in the weirdest places, everyone just goes around, with nary a glance. I’m getting accustomedContinue reading “More Traffic from Ho Chi Minh City”

The Key Caper

Soooo, I’d thought about what happens if I lose my key to my motorbike. And like all self-fulling prophesies, this one came through a few days ago. A good reason not to anticipate doom. I had parked my bike next to the market and upon return, could not find my key. A man nearby, seeingContinue reading “The Key Caper”

Markets in HCMC

I am amazed by the markets in HCMC.   If you Google “markets” about 10 show up. The problem with Google or any trip app for that matter is that they do well with the stuff on the bean path, but once off that path, fuhgeddaboudit. Therefore, even the reviews must be read with “aContinue reading “Markets in HCMC”

A Little Apartment in Ho Chi Minh City

So, I feel bad that I have neglected both my blogs so badly. My Apartment Today I finally realized why:  I’m simply overwhelmed with all the new information and I want to write about it, show pictures of it in some coherent manner. So, I’m waiting for perfection. Well, that’s a long wait, so IContinue reading “A Little Apartment in Ho Chi Minh City”

Live & Let Live; The Real Rules of the Road

Yes, there are rules and I for one, find them quite logical. But then I grew up in New York City riding a bike as soon as I could everyplace. And like real New Yorkers there reason we rode bikes was because there were no rules, beyond the obvious: Don’t hit anything and don’t getContinue reading “Live & Let Live; The Real Rules of the Road”

Vietnam Rules of the Road – Mayhem or Order?

Initially to an Outsider, it certainly looks like mayhem. Motorbikes and bicycles going every which way, against traffic, on the sidewalks and driving right inside buildings! In any new situation, I try to watch as an observer and withhold judgement until I have some data. Watching as an observer, not biased by the framework youContinue reading “Vietnam Rules of the Road – Mayhem or Order?”