Still Plugging Away in Vallejo, But a New Tale of Adventure and Woe on the High Seas

My fresh water replumbing job was 75% done yesterday, today it’s 50% and even that took a couple of hours. Suffice to say that the floor of closet now looks like Charlie Kruger took to it with a chain saw. No pictures, since many who read this are carpenters or at last know how toContinue reading “Still Plugging Away in Vallejo, But a New Tale of Adventure and Woe on the High Seas”

There, But for the Grace of God, Go I

While I was stressing about my scratch, I got an email that referred me to this link about Ghost Rider, a Nordhavn 47. It’s a heart wrenching story; difficult enough to live though, probably even harder to write about. So that ended my pity party pretty quick. I had a close call with aContinue reading “There, But for the Grace of God, Go I”

Why I Am Not Afraid

  Being in the New Ross Boat Yard daily, now in the spring, almost daily I run into people who ask me about our passage across the Atlantic.  They always ask if I was ever afraid.  Yes, inwardly I do roll my eyes, but now I have my answer down rote, I was never afraid,Continue reading “Why I Am Not Afraid”


Fasten your seatbelt, we’re going for a ride with a few curves; fast ones. I went by Dauntless this morning, on yet another damp, grey Irish morning that is the reason grass grows on concrete here.  The work on the boat this past winter is being done at New Ross Boat Yard, just across theContinue reading “Trust”

Ground(ing)hog Day II

Sans Bill Murray. The evening of the [first] grounding, Julie and I, along with our NYC friends, Karen and Jason, were joined by our English sailing buddies, John and Jenny on S/V Shaka. We celebrated our second successful tie to shore with a stern anchor with a bottle of Prosecco followed by a tasty dinnerContinue reading “Ground(ing)hog Day II”

Spanked in Finland

60° North; 24° East, probably as far east as we will get in Europe this year. Since leaving Latvia, Estonia and Finland have been interesting.  Later this summer I will have to have a Baltic Sea recap, but for now, just a little saga that we have probably all heard before. We got beat upContinue reading “Spanked in Finland”

Life is Good

I’ve been out of touch. I just got back to NY last week, but I have been somewhat discombobulated, in that I have not had my laptop computer because we had a little accident. It’s dark; it’s 05:15 a.m., the Dublin bus leaves at 5:30.  I’m hurrying; suitcase is top heavy, because I put allContinue reading “Life is Good”