Day 8 & 9 –Two Shenanigans for the Price of One

Leaving the Irish Sea behind us, we seem to have left the bad weather also. The last three days in Scotland have been summer-like: light breezes, blue skies and warm temperatures in the high 50’s and even low 60’s.   In fact, temperatures have been so warm that in Ireland they issued a “heat warning” tellingContinue reading “Day 8 & 9 –Two Shenanigans for the Price of One”

D+7 We Had a Wonderful Day Today

Light winds, flat seas and we even saw a whale.  The first whale I’ve seen since the Atlantic crossing two years ago. Sorry no picture. The beautiful conditons make the miwery I went through to get up to Scotland in those ferocious winds and wnaves worth while. Scotland is one of the most beautiful cruisingContinue reading “D+7 We Had a Wonderful Day Today”

Day 1 thru 5, Kilmore Quay to Arklow, Dunloagharie & Glenarn Northern Ireland,

So it’s been an interesting 6 days. I wanted to get to Arklow on time, so I had a bit of rough weather and seas, but nothing terrible. For 6 months, I had planned all the work that needed to be done on Dauntless this winter and spring. Almost none of it was done. Why,Continue reading “Day 1 thru 5, Kilmore Quay to Arklow, Dunloagharie & Glenarn Northern Ireland,”