The Plan is Coming Together

Yesterday, I purchased four 110 watt solar panels.  This debate on been going on in my mind for weeks, as I had watched the price of solar panels get lower and lower on

Yesterday, John the Rigger had come by, had worked about an hour, when he announced he had to meet Red at the Chinese warehouse, where they were contemplating buying solar panels.

I figured I better go along, if for no other reason than John will have to return.

At $110 each, the solar panels were impossible to pass up.  They also solved my logistical problem of being able to get them in time for Dave to install then next week in Stuart or Ft. pierce.

The decision was made even easier my Lee Xu’s accommodating me in that I had brought no wallet, credit card or anything. A 3% surcharge for using AmEx, but no sales tax, made this a no brainer.

And when I got back to the boat, lo and behold, my Katadyn water maker had also arrived.

So, with the Katadyn and solar panels in the pilot house and John actually installing the paravanes poles, We’re making progress.

In two months, I’ll deal with the next and last phase before Europe, the new charting software and computer.

In the meantime, as I wait for the crew to start, I’m sitting here, reading Science News, and learning that it’s been confirmed that all native Americans are descended from a mix of Siberian and East Asians people and that dogs have a portion of their brains dedicated to deciphering human emotions (the key here was to train the dogs to lie perfectly still for six minutes in the MRI machine).

At this time, they have no plans to try this with cats.


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