Crimes Against Humanity

Remakes, sequels and other demonstrations of a total lack of imagination.

Poor June Allyson, Godzilla and even King Kong, at the mercy of those far stupider, less imaginative and certainly crueler than they.

Taking a respite from preparing for the challenges of the Atlantic and knowing that my cornucopia of hundreds of channels that I get on FIOS will soon be replaced with the wondrous, so 80’s, cable system of the Netherlands, I am enjoying some of my last days with TCM, Turner Classic Movies, one of the great accomplishments of the western world in the last decade of the 20th century.  I’ll miss it. In the Netherlands, I will have a nice assortment of some 30 channels, with even a few American ones, like Nat Geo and of course, American reality shows that prove while we can’t bring democracy to the rest of the world, we can give them bread and circuses.

So, I decided to watch “My Man Godfrey”, with David Niven and June Allyson. Another sad remake, and almost my definition, a failure because they are trying to depict a story that worked in the 1930’s, but 20 years later, seemed so out of place.  A world war will do that.

A pity to see someone like June Allyson, who always played such a brave, dutiful air force wife, relegated to the role of a brainless heiress.

Almost as sad as seeing King Kong and Godzilla put in roles in which they have no place.

Now, Eva Gabor on the other hand… a reminder of why I liked “Green Acres” so much.



2 thoughts on “Crimes Against Humanity

  1. Come on, time did not come to a standstill in the Netherlands!! 🙂 We also have digital TV now …. so you’re not regressing into the Middle Ages …

    • Regressing? No, but trading hundreds of movie channels for about two, (there are still two aren’t there?) sums it up well.
      Hey, that’s what makes living in the Netherlands so nice.
      Now, giving up Korean food, that’s another story.

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