Change of Plans

Maybe, Sort of, uh, Probably Not

This past week, Julie and I moved from our Manhattan apartment to an apartment in the Bronx. We love the new neighborhood, the food has been great, the people fascinating, a Bronx mix of Albanians, Russians, Bengalis and of course Hispanic, with a few extra Arabs, Black-Americans and Italian-Americans thrown in the mix to keep it interesting.

What makes Dauntless so wonderful is that my home moves with me, and Dauntless and I are preparing for a big move—to cross the Atlantic, creating an instant home in Europe.

The first issue was preparing Dauntless with everything needed to cross an ocean, and the list is somewhat overwhelming. I am usually a very decisive person, so when I dither, I have come to understand that that delay means the solution I may think consciously I have, is not as well thought out as could be, thus no final decision. So I finally accepted that the work on Dauntless would get done and me worrying about it constantly was not going to expedite the process. All I could do was make sure all the spare parts and other stuff I need, like a life raft, are ordered and on the boat in a timely manner.

I have started watching the weather over the North Atlantic every day. I have to have a sense of the patterns before even looking at forecasts. One thing became immediately obvious: my route must be dependent upon the overall weather pattern. Since Dauntless is so sloooow, moving at about ¼ the speed of an a typical low pressure system, the real issue is where the jet stream will be in July. If it’s more south than usual, I can probably go north via Iceland. If it’s where it is now, I can’t go anyplace. And if it’s moved more north, into its normal summer position, then I can go east, now whether I can go north of east or south of east will depend on the short term features.

What this all means is that my destination is now Europe, with landfall somewhere between Iceland, the Faeroes and Norway, or as far south as the Azores and Oporto Portugal. The Azores are only 12 days from Gloucester, Mass! From there I would probably go the Galicia and the NW coast of Spain.

The food is good there too. In fact, maybe I’ll start regaining the 25 pounds I’ve lost since Dauntless came into my life!

One thought on “Change of Plans

  1. Sold your appartment? When you find out about the yetstream, whish you a pleasant and safe crossing!

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