Some Housecleaning

I’m sorry I have not been as communicative as I would like for a number of reasons, including:

  • Limited Wi-Fi, or better yet, unlimited Wi-Fi, but it’s not connected to the Internet, and have only found one place where it is. So what email writing I have done is written on my cell phone, which is not conducive to this blog (I’m not swyping three pages worth)
  • Every day, I seem to have an hour project that takes me 10 hours to complete
  • After being in Horta for a week, I finally got all the small things done and the boat is ready to go
  • Being ready to go, I don’t want to write, I want to go, so I end up writing things like “Disappointment” which has nothing to do with this trip so I’ve decided to save it for a later date.
  • I’m waiting for the weather to leave. It will be 7 days to Ireland and I want the first three or four to be good, which means light winds and seas.
  • At this time, I am thinking of a Monday, late morning departure, as I would like to give the seas a day to calm down.
  • Stay tuned.

Thanks for sharing this voyage and our adventures.

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