The Pacific Northwest

I’ve been spending some days in the Pacific Northwest.  Drove to the entrance to Mt. Rainier national Park, but they had a requirement that even with four wheel drive, you had to show you had chains.

Puget Sound

Puget Sound

Don’t you feel safer knowing the bureaucracy is protecting you from yourself?  I know I do.  Hardly.

But driving along the tree lined roads, walking under moisture laden evergreens, is still almost a religious experience for me.  In fact about as close to religion as I will ever get.

To think that my life outside NYC started here 45 years ago and it turned out to be a long path, my love for these west coast rain forests has never abated. I still feel an energy coming from every tree.  Now the only difference is I feel an energy coming from every wave on the ocean.  And waves actually have energy, so maybe much like a self-winding watch; I am being constantly energized being on the ocean.

Julie and I’s discussions are centered around the triple points of her school, our next dinner and our life on the ocean.  Upon arrival on Flores in the Azores, after our first steps on land, our initial conversation was that having just completed 14 days at sea; we could have easily done another 14.

Many people have asked us about being afraid on the ocean during storms.  As I looked at the dark green of the forest, I was reminded of our last camping trip, where we camped, on a small logging road midway between Mt. Adams and Mt. St. Helens.  This was a route I have taken a few times since I discovered this route that goes south all the way to the Columbia River back in 1997.  A beautiful drive through forests surrounded by the three mountains (Mt. Rainier to the north).

Rte 706 Mt. Rainier

Rte 706 Mt. Rainier

Well, that night, after finishing our steak dinner cooked over a wood fire, as we finished up our bottle of wine, we heard three distinctive log thumping’s, like someone swinging a baseball bat at a tree trunk.  Thump, thump, thump.  It seemed close, the sun was just setting, as we walked down the path about 100 meters looking to see what could have made that noise.

Seeing nothing, we walked back to the car, but then our imaginations got the better of us and we slept in the car.  That night, I was more afraid than I have ever been on the ocean.

What a fraidy cat.


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