The View From NATO’s Russian Front

I have removed this morning’s post, Sudetenland and Eastern Ukraine for two reasons:

  1. Today’s, 7 February 2015, Wall Street Journal just happens to have a wonderful, candid interview with our Commander of USA Europe, General   Frederick B. Hodges, who is far closer to the front and also is far more articulate than i could ever be. and
  2. I will strive to keep Dauntless at Sea related to our travels and adventures and boating, and Kadey Krogens

So, if interested, please go to where I will post those things of interest, not related to Dauntless and where I have posted today’s interview: The View From NATO’s Russian Front

 The Army commander in Europe on Putin’s new way of war, Russia’s growing arsenal, and coping with U.S. military budget cuts. Frederick B. Hodges

2 thoughts on “The View From NATO’s Russian Front

  1. It might help if you try to take a look at the matter from another point of view. It may turn out that the stuf they sell you is… er… not perfectly true, and that point of view of “bad guys” is, er… somewhat valid, and understandable, if you, of course, are able to depart from a usual bull about freedom, democacty and people on the streets voting for happy future. But of course if you DO believe in that bull, there is no hope…

    • You misunderstand. I have no idea if Russia has a right to eastern Ukraine or not.
      My issue is with the western powers. All they do is talk. If they are not going to act; they shouldn’t talk either.

      I’m a disciple of Teddy Roosevelt, Talk Quietly, but carry a Big Stick.

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