The View From NATO’s Russian Front

I have removed this morning’s post, Sudetenland and Eastern Ukraine for two reasons:

  1. Today’s, 7 February 2015, Wall Street Journal just happens to have a wonderful, candid interview with our Commander of USA Europe, General   Frederick B. Hodges, who is far closer to the front and also is far more articulate than i could ever be. and
  2. I will strive to keep Dauntless at Sea related to our travels and adventures and boating, and Kadey Krogens

So, if interested, please go to where I will post those things of interest, not related to Dauntless and where I have posted today’s interview: The View From NATO’s Russian Front

 The Army commander in Europe on Putin’s new way of war, Russia’s growing arsenal, and coping with U.S. military budget cuts. Frederick B. Hodges