Getting My Head Back in the Game

is easier said than done.  These past three weeks has been a nice respite from the duty and responsibilities of Master and Commander of Dauntless.nettlesboxes

The last 10 days in Italy, at the house of my friends for 40 years, eating, drinking, sleeping, eating, drinking, sleeping, ad infinitum, lulls one in into a stupor sweeter than any chemically induced experiment.

It’s a good life and it’s obvious why it has attracted me all these years.  But it’s also just as obvious, even more so, that I have structured my life in such a way that when I am in Italy, I am truly on vacation.  Sure I am still like the oldest son of the family, but other than some chauffeuring duties, which I enjoy immensely, it’s just eat, drink Prosecco, nap, from morning to late night.

But all good things must come to an and, so I find myself stealing glances at the Atlantic charts.  And in that incessant way that can be both annoying and gratifying, clicking on strange links.

Thus, I found this link:

Indirectly it also answers my questions that I had asked so many in Europe, about the seemingly overabundance of jelly fish in both the eastern Baltic and now also this year in the rivers of Lisbon in particular.  Seems to be related to salinity.  Oh, now I remember that the Baltic is only half as salty as the ocean.  Probably much like the Chesapeake.

In 7 days, we push off from the European Continent and head for darkest Africa, OK, only Morocco, not so dark, in fact, pretty f…ing bright, but allow me some editorial license.

In less than 30 days, we then push off of Africa for the Caribbean. No embellishment needed here.

Ok, got to go, I have a delicacy or two to snack on.

A Cornucopia of delicacies

A Cornucopia of delicacies


dessert – Chestnuts

A Favorite Spot

A Favorite Spot

A Great Spot of Italian snacks

A Great Spot of Italian Snacks at Affordable Prices

Crostini di Prosuito

Crostini di Prosciutto

Crostini di Lardo

Crostini di Lardo

My Morning Snack

A Morning Snack


2 thoughts on “Getting My Head Back in the Game

  1. Those photos are cruel! 🙂 Sitting here working late and hungry. Plenty of walnuts, cashews, almonds and dried fruits to eat but that Custini has my mouth watering! 🙂

    Jelly fish and less salty water is interesting. Years ago I was in the keys on the inside and we had anchored. I was about to dive over the side to cool off when I noticed there was a gazillion little jelly fish in the water. Unreal how many where floating around. We all wanted to go swimming but we decided that swimming with jelly fish might not be a good idea no matter how hot we were. 🙂 Never seen that many jelly fish before or since. We very well could have been in less salty water due to the fresh water flow from the Everglades.


    • I’m sorry I can’t make up for those not so great meals in Scotland. Italy, Spain, Portugal and if course France, live up to their very well deserved reputations.
      The next 18 months will be interesting if nothing culinary to rave about.

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