Fueled Up and Ready to Go 

Just topped up the tank. 190 liters, €180.

We used 180 l, 46.5 g, over 35.3 engine hours ,  over 172 nm.

This all equals 1.32 gallons per hour, 3.7 nm per gallon . 

We’re Good to Go

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Richard on Dauntless 

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  1. Godspeed and smooth sailing!

  2. “If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.” Loren Eiseley
    Fair winds, Richard.

  3. yessir . . . be well. i’m tracking you.

  4. Richard just learned through Kadey Krogen Newsletter you visit Spain with Dauntless, sorrt and sad not to know that
    in advanced, As the first and only owner of a KK 42′ in Europe, I wished to attend you and your boat in Spain.
    Sad no to know before.

    Wishing you a good and calm seas in the Atlantic returning home.
    Luis Martinez
    Kadey Krogen 42′ Hull number 77
    Homeport: Cartagena/Spain

  5. Fair seas, Richard! Hope our wakes cross in the Caribbean.

  6. 12-28-2016 good for you Richard making it to Martinique. Hope all in one piece.

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