I Just Read the Story of Dauntless & I Power & Motoryacht

From Power & Motoryacht. No, I did not crash into Brazil, but I still like it anyway.

Just today I remembered that I have never seen the piece that was written about Dauntless and I and our travels in the May issue of Power & Motoryacht.

Nicely done. Sometimes it’s nice to see what other people write. In some ways, it is even more insightful.

Here is the link I found:


There are a few typos or possibly I did not explain well enough. Near the end when I talk about fuel getting into the fuel tank via the fuel vent, it’s not the “bilge” as written.  One of the sharp readers commented on that, but I don’t do Facebook, so I could not thank her.

Also, Kodiak in July 2018.  Ha, I’ll be lucky to get to San Diego by then.  Since I did this interview for the article just after I arrived in Martinique in January, I am surprised I still thought I could get to Kodiak so quickly.  Ok well.

Here is Dauntless in the new colors:

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