North to Alaska

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Looks like the winds will let ip a bit to get me out of La La land.

Dauntless has never looked so good or been so ready.

Here are some pictures of my new three way valve to change water tanks without having to go into the second cabin closet.

Btw, after careful measurement, each water tank is 100 to 110 gallons.

No wonder I’ve been overfilling them for 5 years.

Who said an old dog can’t learn new tricks. 😄

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  1. “Dauntless has never looked so good”

    No kidding! Every time I was aboard, it looked like a tool and spare parts bomb had gone off in the salon.

    Two Thumbs Up!!

  2. Safe travels North! That helm looks all too familiar.

  3. I hope you will enjoy your journey. It seems to me that the number of hats has increased 🙂
    Take care.

  4. Richard- Eric the engine guy here from NC. Good to see you on the move again!!

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