Morocco to the Canaries

Four days on the North Atlantic, 600 nm, four days, 1 hour, 35 minutes, what could go wrong? For one, we found the weak link on this Krogen, it’s me. In my first year of cruising, I would get sea sick maybe a ¼ of the time. Now in my third year, it’s more likeContinue reading “Morocco to the Canaries”

Rock’in and Roll’in All Night

That’s what we’ve been doing all night.  Winds have been 20 gusting to 35 since yesterday afternoon.  Waterford is in a relatively sheltered spot in Ireland, so I’m guessing the winds are really howling in the north and west. During the night, it was like I was sleeping in one of those rocking cribs.  ReallyContinue reading “Rock’in and Roll’in All Night”