Not Much is New

NYC Has Become a Winter Wonderland

I haven’t posted much in the last weeks, because, at least in my mind, I haven’t done much.

I got back from NY last Tuesday and promptly got a cold.  That forced me to rest and by drinking a lot of

Umm Ja Cha
Umm Ja Cha

I feel almost like new again.


I’m in the last stages of the big reorganization, or probably better described, the first organization.  Hey, I’m slow sometimes.  It’s taken me two years to figure out, what I need where.

Spare parts
Spare parts









I have also firmed up our cruising plan for July and August.  June and September is more vague, but I am planning on leaving Waterford May 25th.

phone 142
Mary in one of her more resigned moods, wearing my hat.

That’s my mother’s birthday, so it’s fitting, as Dauntless has replaced my mother, in so many ways.

Dauntless in Waterford March 2015
Dauntless in Waterford
March 2015