The Interlude in Pictures

MY 10 day trip to Fairbanks, Alaska, Salt Lake City & Snowbird, via Seattle, returning to LAX

A couple comments:

18 June 22:23 flying north over Alaska

  • I’m fascinated with green trees against a deep blue sky
  • Mid-June in Fairbanks is probably the pettiest time of summer, with fresh greening on the trees and the midnight sun.
  • Texas is also very pretty
  • Sorry no boats
  • 19 June 01:06 a.m. approaching Fairbanks, Alaska

    19 June 01:08 a.m. Fairbanks, Alaska

    FAI – Fairbanks International Airport. the big mystery is how the stuffed bear lost half it’s size.

    19 June 01:20 a.m. Fairbanks, Alaska facing north!

    A walk in a park downtown Fairbanks

    trees in park downtown Fairbanks

    A friend’s house in the hills above Fairbanks (Chena Ridge)

    trees and sky

    Another friend’s house off Farmer’s Loop

    These are real Alaskan King Crab legs

    Leaving Fairbanks in the daytime

    Mt Rainier from 15,000 feet

    Mt Rainier from 20,000 feet on Delta airlines

    Blue skies over Snowbird, Utah

    An Algae bloom in The Great Salt Lake

    Return to Southern Calif

    My friends Dana and Peter in Austin Texas

    Dana and Peter’s little man



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