Time is Flying; But My Head is in the Clouds

Or am I flying and that’s why my head is in the clouds? Such weighty questions, so little time. What else is new, as my friends would say? I did make a list of all the things that still need to be done between now and the next few weeks.  It’s a long list.  MostContinue reading “Time is Flying; But My Head is in the Clouds”

Two Inside Projects on Dauntless, Part 1

This winter has been the first real refit since we bought Dauntless three years ago.  When we bought this Krogen 42, she was in great shape, in fact the best shape of the 8 KK 42’s I looked at.  She had the lowest engine hours, only 1650, and some features we wanted: dual heads, fourContinue reading “Two Inside Projects on Dauntless, Part 1”

Dauntless Gets a New Bottom Job

In October when we pulled her from the water, we found both old and new damage. The new was from my second rock encounter in Finland.  In the first Finnish rock meeting, Dauntless rode up the rock on her keel. But the second one was more egregious in that I hit the side of theContinue reading “Dauntless Gets a New Bottom Job”

Glimpses of Ireland

Working on the boat this week, getting her ready for painting.  That story and pictures will come soon. And in a sudden development, the Cruise Plan 2016 & 2017 has been radically altered.  I’m working out the numbers now, so stay tuned to this channel for the exciting details. So in the meantime, here areContinue reading “Glimpses of Ireland”