Dauntless Summer Cruise 2015 Day 01 New Ross Ireland to Scilly Islands

Woke up still on the hard at New Ross boatyard.  Stephen the owner, like virtually every Irish person I have had contact with in the last 8 months, was great.  Helpful, prompt; got me two fuse blocks I had decided I needed for the solar panels.

Just a wonderful experience form beginning to end.

We were splashed at 12:30 just after high tide.  Of course, I was not ready to go, so we tied up alongside and I spent the next hour, putting tools and stuff away that had been out over the weekend.  Also go the boat sea ready, which means getting all the stuff off the counters before it goes crashing to the floor.

Almost successful.   A few hours past Dunmore East in the open ocean, seas westerly at 2-3 feet, winds NNW at 15, I hear a crash and glass breaking.  I had forgotten to put the restraining clothes pin on the wine glass rack, thus a glass walked off to its doom.  But as Julie and I often say, you can never have too many $1 wine glasses from IKEA.

All in all a beautiful day.  Decided to take advantage of the light winds and not stop at Dunmore East, but to head directly for St. Mary’s in the Scilly Islands, just off Land’s End.

I neglected to do a few things which I had actually thought about, but then in this weird sense of I know better than myself, I out thought my own plans, and didn’t:

  • Prepare the paravanes for deployment ({paravanes, why would I need paravanes?) and,
  • Put my Scopolamine patch on, (sea sickness, I’m sure after 8 months on land, I don’t have to worry about getting seasick).

Passing Dunmore East, I was already feeling strange.  That feeling got worse until I realized I was getting sea sick and put the patch on.  That was at 16:00.  It’s now 21:00 and I can write this because the sea sickness if finally gone and I feel normal.  I would have felt fine all day had I stuck to my well thought out plan and put the patch on before we left New Ross because I know it takes hours to take effect on me.

And of course, we feeling the worst, I realized we needed to deploy the paravanes. As we got into the sound, we started rolling 5 to 8° in each direction.  So, feeling like crap, I am up on the fly bridge with Larry, trying to show him what we need to do.

Only took 15 minutes.  Had I prepared beforehand, it would have taken 2!

Karla will have the late night watch, from 21:00 to 02:00; Larry from 02:00 to 05:00 and I’ll sleep on the bench in the pilot house, knowing it will be a more restful sleep there.

Do not expect much traffic and all systems are working well.  The AIS did warn us of one fishing boat just off the coast.