Some People Are Just Slow Learners

Really slow. But let’s start out on a more positive note! And I’m posting a number of writings at once for who knows when I will have internet again after tomorrow, Day 4 out of Stockholm, 31 August 2015, Grey skies, flat sea I awoke in the little cove of Rödskär to grey skies andContinue reading “Some People Are Just Slow Learners”

Why All’s Well that Ends Well

Day 3 Out of Stockholm I awoke this morning to broken altocumulus with altostratus mostly to the east and north.  It had just rained a bit.   Altostratus is a sign of a frontal system, but the pressure is still relatively high, so the weak rain probably indicates a weak front, maybe even just an upperContinue reading “Why All’s Well that Ends Well”

One Dead End Leads to Another

Day 2 started beautifully, at least the sun rose I the east and as I hauled the anchor, I marveled at the beauty of the tree covered rocks that is the east coast of Sweden. Quickly getting underway as I plotted my route for the day, I made my coffee and warmed up Danish likeContinue reading “One Dead End Leads to Another”

Dauntless’ Retreat from the Baltic and Return to Ireland.

Day 1 Leaving Stockholm – Debacle Averted – Barely Note: I will probably try to have something written for each day.  But getting them uploaded is a whole different story. After seeing Leonie and Martin off, I proceeded to get the boat ready to depart, but was in no real hurry.  I’ve realized that noContinue reading “Dauntless’ Retreat from the Baltic and Return to Ireland.”